Anti vax cam Newton cut

You can’t be a marginal player and be anti vax.

Not worth the trouble.


The Vikings would probably send Kirk Cousins packing if he didn’t have such a huge contract.

The NFL told everyone to get vaccinated. What could the Pats do besides cut him?

I just hope Mac Jones works out for them.


Newtons best days are way behind him…Maybe he can grab a back up spot somewhere…

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Newton’s scratching for a backup spot in Dallas. It’s about production on the field, not your little virtue signaling vaccine.

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Jerry Jones is pro vaxx.


can you be a marginal player and make political protests at work?

Flash in the pan … like Kappernack.

He was a terrible fit. Vaccine status had nothing to do with him getting cut.

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Yeah vax status has nothing to do with cuts.

Everyone knows it, it’s the NFL silent secret.

Best to stick with what you know.


Actually you can’t be a marginal player, AND have your competition for the job play better than you over the last two weeks of preseason, and be anti-vax while also “misunderstanding” the COVID protocols.

If Mac Jones hadn’t come on strong as preseason wore on, Newton would still be there, vax status or not.


Allan… he’d have been gone even if he was Moderna’s first test subject.

If he did the right thing and got vaxxed he would be harder to cut.

Newton was an easy cut. Salary high and not vaxxed.


He was terrible last year…Im sure he didn’t improve in camp this year.

Summer of 2020: “Cam, we just need you walk in here and prove we don’t need Brady, no biggie…”

Tom should send him a gift basket.

…and Jordan Love should be the most nervous kid on earth

Cam’s biggest problem is that he is his biggest fan.

Cowboys have dropped interest in him.

Where in your article does it indicate he was sacked due to his vaccination status or views?

IMHO. Newton not worth the problems being unvaxxed.


Look up NFL statements concerning COVID 19. They threatened fines and forfeits on teams that had outbreaks of COVID 19 among unvaccinated players.

Belichick didn’t admit it at the news conference…but you can bet it did play a role in Cam getting released.