Anti abortion laws violate the 1st amendment

under the talmud in jewish law a fetus is mere water until 40 days
it is not considered a person until birth

therefore banning abortion infringes on the rights of jews.

And what of those who’s religion says life begins at conception?

Then you observe your right in private without infringing on others.



then feel free not to have an abortion. but if my religion says a fetus is not a baby then the banning it infringes on my religion.

And your jewish?

Jewish law does not require abortions.

This is as bad an assertion as:

  • Banning same-sex marriage violates the First Amendment.
  • Legalizing same-sex marriage violates the First Amendment.

Any port in a storm. :roll_eyes:

Some religions also state that homosexuals should be stoned to death.

I guess murder laws violate the first amendment too and should be struck down. After all it’s just a 240 month late term abortion.

This is silly, the US government is to go by Jewish law? So atheists, Christians, Muslims, animists, Buddhists, are bound by Jewish law? I thought libs were big on separation of Church/Synagogue? and State. But since you bring it up, this Rabbi Danya person obviously doesn’t speak for all Jews. For example, Rabbi Fried, Orthodox says:

Of course, the Torah is pro-life, as Deuteronomy 30:19 supports choosing life; we also value life over nearly all values. Yet, even the most important of Torah laws are trumped by even the slightest concern of danger to life. For example, Talmud Yoma 82a rules that danger to life supersedes Yom Kippur, Shabbat and other mitzvos, besides the three cardinal sins.

The popular concept of pro-choice, which puts the decision of whether to or not to discontinue a pregnancy in the hands of the mother, does not jibe with the Torah decision-making process.
However, the Catholic edict that one can never terminate a pregnancy, even to save the life of the mother, is equally at odds with traditional Torah thought and practice. To say that a mother can herself decide matters of life and death for her fetus — a life in its own right — based on her own rationale, convenience or other reasons would run contrary to the entire process by which matters of life and death are decided in Jewish law.

Judaism considers the unnecessary termination of the life of a fetus to be murder, albeit a category of murder not punishable in a court of law.

This applies from the 40th day of conception, since according to Jewish tradition the soul enters the body of the fetus on that day. From then and forward, the fetus is deemed a living human being. Before the 40th day, according to most opinions, killing a fetus is a lesser transgression than murder, but a transgression nonetheless, unless a number of criteria are fulfilled.

So according to this Orthodox Rabbi, he disagrees with the woman rabbi. Obviously Judaism is not monolithic, and at least this Orthodox Rabbi person says after 40 days, about 6 weeks, it is seen as killing, so a capital sin, so I’m sure he’d be good with the heartbeat law in Ohio, and those other states, which, where it can be detected at 6 weeks, though it actually starts beating at about 3 weeks. And before 40 days it is still a ‘transgression’, or a sin, sort of like a misdemeanor instead of a felony.
When I’ve been to the Right to Life March in DC, there is usually an Orhtodox Rabbi giving a prolife speech on how Judaism is prolife.

The satanists just received tax free status, let’s let them weigh in on this before making any rash decisions.

But it allows it.


Christianity allows owning slaves. The 13th amendment did not violate the 1st amendment for Christians.

So, did you just now convert to Judaism so you could make this argument?

Sounds reasonable to me. :wink:

Glad that I don’t belong to the cult of Christianity that allows slavery.


The New Testament scripture allows slavery. Never is slavery renounced. Paul and Peter wrote for slaves to obey their masters. Jusus said that disobedient slaved should be whipped.

Christianity is cool.

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great so you can sell yourself as a slave. as long as you dont imose slavery on others in ok with that.
christians are trying to force abortion bans on others…

This is an interesting argument, if true. Could we see the first amendment struck down for not being pro-life?

But what if someone’s religion allows for willing adult human sacrifice? Is that a violation of the first amendment as well?