Anti abortion laws violate the 1st amendment

The argument in this thread is an abuse of Judaism.

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What about those who believe in human sacrifice?

I don’t agree with abortion bans.

I do agree the argument espoused by the OPer is completely incoherent.


The first amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free practice of religions. Where in that statement does it say that abortions are a religious right?

It also depends on what context the Torah states that a person is mere water until 40 days. The argument in the OP is also a broadbrush.

Would be interesting to see someone sue and claim they can’t exercise their religion without having an abortion.

The Torah/Talmud may allow for abortion.

Nowhere in those writings does it say having an abortion is essential to the Jewish faith.

I beg the OPer to come back here and admit he didn’t think this one through.

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Nor is the Op saying that.

I know but he would have to in order to support a silly argument that bans on abortion violate Jewish religious freedom.

It’s a terrible argument.