Another White Male DEMOCRAT (14 Now) Jumps in 2020 Race

And this guy, bill deblasio, hasn’t even apologized for his white male privilege.

  1. michael bennet
  2. joe biden
  3. steve bullock
  4. pete buttigieg
  5. bill deblasio
  6. john delaney
  7. mike gravel
  8. john hickenlooper
  9. jay inslee
  10. seth moulton
  11. beto o’rourke
  12. tim ryan
  13. bernie sanders
  14. eric swalwell

The Republicans only had 12 in 2016. What’s with all the love for white guys in the party now? And the oldest, whitest one leading the pack by 30 points. Too funny.

Line em up like bowling pins. :sunglasses:

They’re missing their big chance. rashida tlaib should be their candidate in 2020. She was born in America (Detroit, MI). She is old enough (42). She’s the golden ticket! They can show the world they are not deplorable islamaphobes, or misogynists. And she gives them Michigan.

Instead they’re turning to the oldest, whitest dude they could find. (well aside from gravel)

It is kind of encouraging to see that there are a bunch of white males, along with the other people who have announced, who will are willing to stand up to Donald Trump and his con job.

I’ve not seen a Republican white male who is strong enough to do it. They’ve all tucked tail.


It’s starting to look like a smoke-filled room in Savannah just before the DEMOCRATS seceded and launched The Civil War.

Hope they don’t do that again.

Breakdown of current minorities in Congress:

25 women in Senate - 17 are Democrats, 8 Republicans.
102 women in US House - 89 are Democrats, 13 Republicans

There are 4 minority women Senators (latino/black, etc.) who are Democrats. All Republican women are white.
There are 46 minority women in US Congress (latino/black, etc.) who are Democrats. There are 4 Republicans.

I am not worried about some white dude wasting his money by joining the race for President. He isn’t going anywhere.


Everybody knows that. For some reason it’s important to the OP to paint the democrats as a party of old white guys.

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Well that’s a blatant falsehood. I didn’t even check the rest of your post, but when you put something false like that in there it shows you have zero credibility.

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Credibility is important. You should constantly call out Donald Trump on his never ending lies.

Cut the personal shots.

So your fantasy of the Civil War is that the people who launched it welcomed African-Americans, Hispanics, women and gay people in their decision making.

What Civil War was that again???

Next you will probably tell us that the Civil War had nothing to do slavery.

Stick to your topic – which is pointing out people’s races… since that is something that appears to matter a great deal to you.

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Just to clarify, my original post was incorrect. I did not include male minorities in my post. My apologies for not reading my source closely.

There is one African American male in Senate who is a Republican.
There are 6 latino men in US House as Republicans, one African american male as Republican.

Man, you still can’t even get it right in your “correction”.

Here’s the part from your original post:

Here’s your “correction”:

You better find some better sources. Honest ones.

that’s funny. it looks like i said that.

Why would I do that?? The DEMOCRATS seceded, fought, killed, died to keep their slaves. Then they started the klan, lynching, jim crow, poll taxes and segregation and Planned Parenthood, all because they lost the Civil War.

Sorry caughtinthemiddle. He changed his original post, and when I quoted him from your quote it then attributed it to you.

I don’t know how to change the user inside the quote function.

Crowded field with few centrists, it looks like Biden is liable to walk away with it unless a few people drop out and Sanders doesn’t have to split the vote so much.

I’m not the one who’s been making white men out to be the enemy.

Small sample.

If bernie was smart he’d stay in right up through the convention and force his way onto the ticket.

Or go third party.

Either way.

Planned Parenthood was founded by Democrats because of the Civil War???

Can you explain that one?

You are absolutely correct that the Democrats were the party of segregation of the Ku Klux Klan, until the 1960s, when the Republicans nominated a Presidential candidate who opposed the bi-partisan Civil Rights Act and then a candidate whose Southern Strategy had the Republican Party use the Democrats’ embrace of Civil Rights to woo white southern voters into the Republican Party. And since the early 70’s the parties have switched positions. I think the behavior of living Republicans and Democrats is more important to us than where the parties lined up more than half a century ago, or 150 years ago.