Another Timely Message for Beto and his Fellow Gun Banners

Nobody benefits more by exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights than the poor, minorities, and women and nobody suffers more as result of gun control.

Guns kill people.

Great job by that Mom to protect herself and her family and enjoy the freedom that the 2nd provides us all.

Good find WR!


To provide a more expansive look at the situation in the USA in 2019 see link below:

Yes let’s compare 1.5-2.5 million lawful defensive gun uses in the US each year compared to how many murders committed with firearms?

You really want to compare those numbers? Fine, I’ll go first.

No gun can kill anyone they are inanimate objects so go derail another thread.

You don’t get to tell me or any other poster where or what they can post.

I just did, if you don’t like it report me.

I’ve met multiple foreigners who don’t feel safe in the US because of all ours guns. Call it being propagandized, but their fears are real.

And look at that… She didn’t even need an assault rifle and or more than one round…

Is that why you had to go find a video from a year ago?

Propaganda induced paranoia.

The truth is our violent crime rates are at their lowest since the mid sixties and that fall was concurrent with the spreading of licensed carry and more and more user friendly self defense statutes across the nation.

3 shots from a high capacity semi auto which would be on the banned list under the proposed “gun safety regulations”.

A majority of democrats support the banning of all semi auto’s and half support banning all guns.

Would you prefer a more current example? How many?

Since you asked, 6.85 million. From your figures that would be under 3 years of data.

So even your basic old revolver would have accomplished the same thing… Got it

Possibly but definitely not a certainty.

It is a virtual certainty that a revolver would not have been adequate in this case where the woman was confronting four armed home invaders.

Or this case where a teenager is confronting 3 home invaders.

Or this case where 7 armed home invaders were engaged in a significant gun battle.

Or this case in which a single 23yo man is facing 3 armed home invaders.

Or this case in which it’s doubtful the old woman would’t have had the hand strength to ■■■■ and fire a revolver.

? Are you claiming these years are somehow anomalous and not representative?

Based on what?

I have made no such claim.

The case you originally posted? She is an “old woman”?