Another thought for a Sunday morning

Here’s a quote I found that I thought a bit inspiring for a Sunday morning:
“Scientists have unintentionally precipitated mankind into a materialistic panic; they have started an unthinking run on the moral bank of the ages, but this bank of human experience has vast spiritual resources; it can stand the demands being made upon it. Only unthinking men become panicky about the spiritual assets of the human race. When the materialistic-secular panic is over, the religion of Jesus will not be found bankrupt. The spiritual bank of the kingdom of heaven will be paying out faith, hope, and moral security to all who draw upon it “in His name””

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Who is the quote attributed to?

The Urantia Book – Part IV. The Life And Teachings Of Jesus
PAPER 195: Section 6.

Thank you.

How have scientists done this?



The quote did say unintentionally

Three quote reads like nonsense

It doesn’t just read that way.

It is that way.

Ya those darn scientists finding vaccines for polio, looking for cures to cancer, looking for ways to grow food cheaper, developing mass communications. If only they just sat on their hands and prayed for the last century.

My attention was drawn to the idea of vast spiritual resources.

You don’t think that science these days is mostly secular?
I do.

By unintentionally doing what?

That’s funny
I don’t believe the author intended to put across the idea to give up doing science and start praying for good health.
Try to take it up a notch

Why would it not be secular? It’s the study of the natural/physical world. The metaphysical is outside its purview.

Science has brought more joy, wonder, and “in touchness”, not to mention the practical benefits, to my life than religion has ever come close to doing. You know I might make a thread saying Christianity is holding ya’ll back! Unintentionally of course. You guys aren’t really meaning to hold back society.

I think that religion is more concerned with the scientist as opposed to any controversy with science.
Knowledge without spiritual insight and wisdom is the idea here. Your missing the point.
Again, for a Sunday morning quote, the idea of a vast spiritual resource was more of an attention getter for me.

I’m trying to find comfort in the secular science of nuclear weaponry

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western religions like christianity inhibit spirituality far more than science does.

Unintentionally of course