Another thought for a Sunday morning

And what does an atheist know about spirituality? You sure your completely atheist?

I tend to agree with your statement about inhibiting spirituality but western religions over science is missing the picture imho
The lack of combining of spirituality (real religious experience or spiritual insight) with science and philosophy or embracing any one of the three to the exclusion of the other two will inhibit real religious experience (spirituality)
Some Westerners do it and it’s not exclusive to them, it’s wide spread among all three disciplines imho.

Being spiritual doesn’t require belief in a God. Being an atheist doesn’t mean you are a 100% naturalist.

If your implying that atheist recognizes spirituality and has meaning and value then this definition implies religion imho.
Maybe you should try in your mind to separate what the traditional or institutional religions of the world have done to our minds from real or personal religious experience??
If someone uses spiritual insight and philosophy as part of their development of science, nothing but good things happen.
If you want to separate a personal God from all this, it’s your choice. But I can’t do that.

On the topic of unintentional:
I recall reading life history of Albert Einstein a long time ago
He was genuinely surprised when someone took his E=MC2 from its pure discovery of nature state to the state of weaponry.

It doesn’t imply religion at all but rather an ontological viewpoint about the nature of reality. It cab be discussed in purely philosophical terms without the need for “God” or “Worship”

And people have used religion as a weapon through history. So what?