Another School Shooting

This one in Philadelphia.

One 14 year-old dead. Four other hurt.

The mayor took action. Before this shooting looks like. The guns are obviously the problem.

Need more gun laws. Ban a few things.


Nice. A 14 year old is dead and here we are trying to score political points.

No one ever said there is a magical solution but obviously something is not working in America.


It’s all under control.

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Guns aren’t the problem. Silly ness like this however is the problem. Finger pointing: guns! Philly Soros! Ain’t solving anything.

But good job at figuring out a way to make the great boogeyman sound scarier. Wait till we get some small town Palin. :joy:

The “Soros” thingy is real and it’s having a serious impact in promoting crime around the nation. That said, so is an absence of fathers in the home with the second one, being the biggest one in our nation today.

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Philly Soros isn’t a thing. I’ll agree with the nuclear family and its absence affecting youth. I don’t even think this is a social media thing. Probably a stupid “gang” thing.

One can only score political points if it’s 5+ 14 year olds dead.


Then Kim Foxx isn’t that important to violence in Chicago or Chesa Boudin to San Fran or Gascon to LA violence but those there…may disagree with you?

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No no Philly Soros isn’t a thing.

Soros getting DAs elected is a thing.



And the affected area is following the 2nd Amendment.


normalizing mental illnesses instead of treating them properly is the problem here

another left inspired tragedy


Did you notice “state preemption” in the ABC article?

Why mental illness?

I did.

Then who politicized it?


I haven’t heard of one in weeks, maybe even months, at this point. :thinking:

What else is left? Another stupid debate about door control? More interminable discussion about mental health?

To the contrary, it is working exactly as desired.

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A metal assault door once scraped over my middle toe, ripping the nail clean out. Never had that happen with a traditional wooden door.

Yeah. Exactly.