Another hillary investigation fails

this time uranium one…
the investigation was started to please conservative but they dfound nothiing of consequence and didnt expect to in the first place…

just more money flushed down the toilet in an effort to “get” hillary

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That just proves that she is really good at hiding it.

And that the Deep State was in cohoots to protect her at the expense of God fearing Americans. Thankfully the Almighty delivered unto us a righteous man to deliver us from evil!


Deep state strikes again!

Uranium Queen!

Did I win?

You are the Uranium Queen
Young and sweet
Only seventeen

Uranium Queen
Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah
You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life


Wompity womp womp womp.

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Man, that Deep State really gets things done. Let’s put 'em in charge of the budget deficit.


Lobbyists clearly have no influence for the money they give unless a note proving a quid pro quo is found.

You got her now!

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No, actually I was saying no one “got her” and aren’t likely to on this.

With all the lobbyists padding the pockets of Republicans, you’d think the least those worthless sellouts could do is manufacture some evidence of these crimes. I mean what are those lobbyists paying them for anyway?


The deep state almighty is pitching a perfect game, but this can’t continue forever.

We need another investigation!

Are you under the impression that Clinton was personally involved and was the final arbiter of Uranium One approval?

Are you under the impression that the sale of American uranium did not occur before the sale of Uranium One?

I wonder if precedence was strictly adhered to and Hillary made the decision what evidence was relevant to Huber?

I guess one could go with that explanation.


One could accept the results and admit that there was no wrongdoing related to Uranium One.

We both know no matter how many investigations, you being the unbiased and totally fair person you are, would never choose the second option.


I don’t understand? I asked a legitimate question? Do you think her lawyers decided what was relevant and what wasn’t to Huber? Isn’t that how it works with Hillary or…is this different?

Default position = wild eyed conspiracy.


IOW…applying libspeak…it’s different.

Followed by gibberish that means something to other conspiracists.