Another hillary investigation fails

With Trump having been President for now about three years, Hillary has managed not to get locked up during any of this time.


It’s not like Trump hasn’t failed to carry out any of his other threats. He said he was going to retaliate against Iran if they attacked our bases a few days ago and then did nothing after they attacked our bases. Oh wait.


almost as good as trump!

Give him two more terms…the one he’ll win in November and the extra one to make up for the first one the Deep State stole from him…and he’ll get Hillary locked up.

I like your line of thought.
If Trump* can’t, maybe when Ivanka or Jr assumes the throne, they can keep up the effort to lock her up.


I’ve been assured for 3 years that Trump is going to lock Hillary up any minute now!



Not one lib here voted for her.

This lib did.

I did.

I didn’t even have to. I live in NY. My vote literally doesn’t count.

I saw that Trump was so dangerously unfit to be the President that I cast my vote to Add my voice to that concern.

No, much better.

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Damn, I didn’t see this thread! Oh well, @Snow96 or @GWH, could you merge or delete my thread?

I did.

Washington post?:rofl:

spam site

So they will still be charging Hillary?

I’m not relying on fake news for that information!

How about the “news” you get?

I like to hear it from the horses mouth like Barr.

Horse’s mouth? With Barr, it’s more like the other end.