Another fox founding reporter leaves

It would be a hell of an improvement if they did.

Only if the Fox platform prevailed. CNN is a joke.

The joke’s on you.

Without spin, just look at the public mistrust in media. They vast majority lied for over 2 years about russian collusion.

It’s no wonder Fox remains so popular with their watchers.

Nope … the joke is on their audience.

Fox is popular because they tell their viewers what they want to hear. Though collusion wasn’t charged it wasn’t because there was nothing in the Mueller Report. There was. There were documented instances of Trump contact and connection with foreign actors. (See Seth Abramson’s Proof of Conspiracy and Proof of Collusion books.) Fox’s thing is to spin drivel to what the fans want to hear and not the facts.

Of course Fox News provides the echo chamber for Trump acolytes that they. need.

… just like CNN and MSNBC. Although, they suffer in the “popularity” department.

You’ve never watched FOX News, have you.

A Fox chick leaves the nest. Isn’t that what maturing beings do. They leave their incubator and make their way in the big wide world.

I’m looking forward to the CNN expose on how many children are leaving home, and how this proves how over the top controlling their parents must have been; or how parents can’t tolerate the expression of their children’s political views and drive them out of their rightful estate.

Oh to be so wrong is quite amazing but not at all unexpected. Let me recall an incident on the erstwhile O’Reilly Factor where the host used to have a word of the day. In this particular episode the word of the day was puerile. What was so noteworthy and highly amusing was the host’s botched attempt to say the word pronouncing the word as one would pronounce the word peril.

It is interesting that a poster who has no personal knowledge of another poster can make such claims as “You’ve never watched FOX News, have youwithout any basis for that claim whatsoever.

I await with much interest and anticipation for you to correct the record.

What record? Surely you don’t expect anyone to take the anonymous word of an Internet chat room junkie as a record of truth.

By the way, Bill O’Reilly has not been on FOX News for over two years. And also by the way, Bill O’Reilly was about as far from a Trump mouthpiece as any commentator on cable news. You have shown no indication here that you have ever followed FOX News except as relayed to you by left-wing Internet outlets, so no matter how vociferously that you express otherwise, I don’t believe you.

The alphabet networks beat them all.

That’s how they get ratings … by telling people what they like to hear.

Man has O’Reilly got you conned. But then he conned all Fox viewers when he was there. No spin? LOL.

They do what’s known as journalism.

Far more people watch the three network evening newscasts than prime time cable news shows— roughly ten times more.

How has he got me conned? I haven’t watched him since he left FOX. While he was still there, he most certainly was not soft on Trump.

That’s a joke, right?

Did you see Fabio on Tucker Carlson’s show last night? That was hilarious.

Did I claim that Bill O’Reilly was a current employee of Fox News…

As I said it is quite amazing that a poster who has no personal knowledge of another poster can claim that that poster had never watched Fox News. Absolutely no basis for that assertion and 100% wrong.

As for your ridiculous claim that I need “left-wing internet outlets” to inform me, that is also 100% wrong.

Finally, and I will be polite, if you wish to continue to believe a fiction that is entirely your prerogative. Rest assured no matter how much you want your assertion to be true it won’t make it true.