Another fox founding reporter leaves

Catherine Herridge fox’s chief invesigative reporter is leaving to go to cbs.

she took a vieled shot t fox as she left saying “CBS News has always placed a premium on enterprise journalism and powerful investigations,” “I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.”

fox is rapidly losing whatever credibility it had as it become more and more a part of the CEC


It’s simply evolving into a pure opinion network. When morons like Douchey and Killmeade are idols of the president and he has one of their opinion hosts as a trusted advisor its obvious that Fox is the propaganda arm of The New Republican Party. There’s no need for actual journalism there any more. It’s simply “Kiss Trump’s ass and malign Dems” 24/7.


Maybe Fox News and OAN Network will be merging soon.

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I am going to miss the papers she was always holding.

FOX never had much credibility with critics, and now Donald himself says they don’t serve him well anymore.

Who’s left to watch?

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I was a Fox News watcher every morning from the day Fox News went on the air until I finally dumped cable in 2011. So that was from October of 1996 until April of 2011. It was more likely in those years I would have Fox News on or the Weather Channel.

Especially in the morning, I preferred at the time the Fox & Friends Comfy Couch format best for having on while getting up and ready for work It was like that for most of those years, until the time candidate Barack Hussein Obama arrived on the scene.

When he came along and got in the news that was when I noticed that Donald Trump started getting more and more appearances and air time on Fox & Friends.

That soured me.

I could not stand him and they loved having him on.

I had liked having them on in the mornings because they were more benign in my opinion than the other morning coffee klatch formats.

That and they were always coming on with some OMG David and Goliath tale of the home owner taking on the HOA over displaying their American Flag. Or some OMG, David and Goliath tale, of the kid with his/her lemonade stand or his/her cupcake stand and the evil Permit Police shutting them down. They had fun and crazy benign water cooler fodder.

But their avalanche, so heavily, into American politicks when that damned Kenyan Usurper ran and won the Presidency really ruined them. Politics was why I watched at the time Hannity and Colmes, and O’Reilly Factor. There were others, long gone. I didn’t want hard get you all keyed up stuff before work. After work was fine for that, it was all instantly forgotten when my head would hit the pillow if not sooner if I was watching TV with the wife. We would watch PBS nature shows, or cooking shows, or anything but politicks and the news.

Of course that time, from 1996 until 2009, was back when I was still a happily Registered Republican and a Fiscal Conservative (I am still a Fiscal Conservative) and before the Republican Party just royally veered hard Right until the point in December of 2016 that I have been LEFT completely out of the party, abandoned, shunted aside, called an enemy.

Many a Right Wing poster on the old Hannity Board helped a lot in shoving me out of the Republican Party on a more personal level. Fortunately they were immensely helpful in instructing me how to be all I could be in my new found LEFTNESS!

Couldn’t have done it without you guys! (You know who you are, take a bow!)


Sorry, I digressed, but back to the OP, and how Doucey and Kilmeade plus the current Blondette on the Comfy Couch went from chasing lemonade stand injustice to being policy setting mouths for our President is a story that needs to be made into a serious docudrama mini series.


Not me. Not anyone in our household.

Her comments are significant. Wonder if more will exit.

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I am thinking it won’t be long before one will not be able to discern whether one is watching Fox News or just another Trump Campaign Rally?

Calling it, after 2020 Fox does a total rebrand.

I’d bet sooner than that. If he gets removed from office, I think you’ll see a big shift. I know the chances are slim and Republicans are hanging on that, but with the damaging evidence coming out each day, I wouldn’t count that out.

“Veiled shot”? Maybe she’s just been offered a better remuneration package. Maybe she’d like a change in her life.

She pretty much called out fox for not taking journalism seriously.

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There’s no other spin you can make on that.

Fox is too liberal for OAN.

Slowly but surely, Fox is getting there.

What a loss!!
I never heard of her.

You would think a network with the reach of Fox would care or be concerned about two high-profile names leaving. But I suspect it’s not a big worry. They’ve got the audience they’re aiming for. People like Herridge and Shep Smith only took away from that. Fox knows what they want to be. They want to be an echo chamber for Trump fans. That’s a dead end, as they will find out.

Yeah, the next thing you know they will be bought out by CNN. :wink:

I was focusing more on the last phrase … storytelling. CBS is good at that. :wink: