Another fine example of democrats preserving evidence for an investigation!

They learned well from Hillary exactly what to do with pesky evidence!

As I’ve been saying…FBI and DOJ are the most corrupt agency in the world. What they say and do goes and there is nothing we the people can do about it…after all they are the law.

And that what makes em so dangerous.


More corrupt than agencies of foreign governments??!!

More proof they were a bunch of crooks. They had nothing and dragged the country through 3 years of lies leading to massive division.

But the real sad part is the people they fooled can’t seem to learn from being lied to by their press. As the Trump disrespected the military story proves.

Dems are those who can always be fooled…


Yes…because they’re more powerful.

In the face of real corruption not one democrat cares. That’s why the county is so divided.

Is this corruption, or just being responsible as someone who handles sensitive information?

Among the reasons given was that people had forgotten their passcodes, there was irreversible screen damage or people had lost them.

It would be worse if they weren’t wiped in these situations.

Only a democrat would be fooled by the excuses of the corrupt Mueller team. They all have the same excuse.

Dems, those who can always be fooled. See Russian Collusion for 3 years…

yeah, right… situations.

the only situation was the IG asking for the phones.

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Does that include the department of Justice? The only excuse that would be difficult to verify is the automatic passcode wipe. And that’s just assuming Apple or whoever doesn’t log that sort of thing.

too funny.

“uh… yeah, this phone I’ve been using for 3 years, i turned it on the other day and forgot the pass code. i tried 3 or 4 times and then it automatically wiped itself! yeah, yeah, thats it!”

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You really think they can’t operate a phone?..LMAO!

phones don’t wipe themselves from wrong pass codes, they lock


It’s obvious by now the TV can make democrats believe anything. It’s just pathetic…


I believe if you try more than a certain number of times, they wipe.

Oh. I see that this “story” hinges on the belief that investigtors of sensitive and valuable information use one personal phone.

Carry on.


no, they lock. the only way to wipe a phone is on purpose, and you have to confirm your intent before it wipes.

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one government issued phone for government business

Like with a cloth?

depends, some people use a hammer!