Another day another lie

Today the orange idiot claimed a fox poll shows he had a 40% approval among African Americans

“What he really meant is”…

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Too bad it wasn’t a Rasmussen poll. That would have shown him at his true support level of 60%.

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29% among non-whites is basically the same thing as 40% approval among African Americans.

It’s not Donald’s fault if he doesn’t understand and exaggerates what the poll says.

He has 29% among non-whites? That’s astounding.

In a fox news poll of registered voters?

Sure, unless the poll was restricted to Fox News viewers.


29%? I think it’s amazing. I wouldn’t have guessed 2.9%


Yeah…36% is so far off of 40%. Damn…next thing he’ll go for 3 scoops and say he only had 2. If I were you, I’d turn off CNN and take a valium.



link to him saying it?

Just wondering, haven’t herd/seen it myself

Link to the 36% poll?

He’s a racist bigot, isn’t he?

He certainly enables racist bigots.

What’s his approval rating among non-whites compared to previous presidents?

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He enables them how? From what?

:rofl: you’re trying to compare Trump and his MSM image consultants to … well … anybody?

Even Bush II was fighting a war when they were calling him a racist.

Trump’s is probably higher than Andrew Johnson’s. :rofl:

Ask the synagogue shooter.

Mmmmm. So Trump made that guy crazy? He aimed him?

I will readily admit Trump ratchets things up unlike anybody in a long time, if ever.

If somebody calls Trump a racist and a black guy kills him, does the caller deserve some of the blame?

If a black guy starts killing white males, do we blame Lemon?