Another caned question and more proof that questions and answers been staged

Come on man? You need to help to act and think like a working man?

A teleprompter?


Guy is so out of touch with common working man it isn’t even funny anymore.


I’m not sure what we’re supposed to glean from that weirdly short and cut off video, but that was a really great event for Joe. Here’s more from that event:
" Democratic nominee Joe Biden vowed to be the “strongest labor president you’ve ever had” in a virtual event Monday with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“You can be sure you will be hearing that word ‘union’ plenty of times if I’m in the White House,” Biden said Monday. “If I have the honor of becoming your president, I’m going to be the strongest labor president you have ever had.””


yeah hes going to a “strong labor president” like he gives a damn about “labor” ever. thats sweet

yes the questions are obviously canned for him. he’s incapable of handling real ones

Biden had 50 years to prove he supports labor…but instead he throw his political clot behind China and credit card companies.

Yea Joe…while you pretended to care about working people/struggles you were in bed with credit card industry…


the left will buy anything he says now.

like sheeple


He’s reading from a TelePrompTer on a zoom Q&A and botched it. It’s pathetic. His handlers should give him bigger font at the very least.


Preview of the “debates”?


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I’m looking forward to voting for Joe - flubs, gaffes, stumbles and all.
We need a decent human being in the Oval Office again.


china joe is completely spontaneous and off the…Line please…No, move it up a little, but slow down the text…Come on man!!

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I think he was reading the young ladies questions as there also seemed to be a delay in the link. But what do I know.

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I think the problem with this is not that he was using a teleprompter. That’s pretty standard for speeches.

The problem is this was a Q/A and if he was using a teleprompter it obviously means these were staged questions.


What is political clot? Not following?

Come on man, don’t be a putz.

Genuine question. I do not know what he means? Trying to follow? Name Calling though?

Was he saying CLOUT? hey…true thing…I have dyslexia, sometimes it takes me four or five times of reading something that is spelled wrong…reading each word and trying to figure out from the context of what other words are. I just didn’t stop and re read four or five times. But after your post I did. I wasn’t being a putz…I was truly confused.

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Beijing Biden will only offshore more of our jobs to China.

Being dyslexic, I don’t call out people for their spelling or grammar errors, I have no room to talk…This is what it would liook liek if I didn’t corretce myself as I typed when I type relly fast. So…no, I just had my own issue pullign together cotnext on what was said in the post. You could see people would have isses with my typing for sure.

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