Annoying football player's celebrations

I’m watching San Francisco vs Panthers.

First time I’ve seen the 49ers play.

They’ve got a Tight End name Kittle. Every time he makes a first down he “limps his wrist.” Apparently it’s called a Ciero Miedo and is a wrestling move.

If Twitter is to be believed a lot of people like the fact that he does that move after every single first down.

To me it’s annoying “look at me I’m better than my team”.

I don’t mind spontaneous celebrations of happiness, but when someone does something choreographed - and so many of the players do, I just can’t stand to watch it. Poor sportsmanship and they look like 10-year-olds.

They’re just having fun, everyone does it.

No, everyone does not do it.

Some of the guys act like they’ve “been there before.”

But okay, there’s my vote that such celebrations after every single meaningless play are stupid and grating (Player’s team is down by 30 points with 2 minutes to go and he struts around after recording a sack as if he just won the game? He look like a fool IMHO).

And there’s your vote that you don’t care that they do it because “everyone does it.”

Anyone else have an opinion they’d care to share?

Even if you don’t care about the celebrations per se, are there any that a player does that you consider annoying?

There’s one player, I forget what team he’s on, every time he records a sack he pretends to cast a fishing line and then reel in a fish. Grates on my nerves every time…as his teammates are waiting and waiting to congratulate him but he’s got to play his little game…

I vote for this too.

Not really. Just a game to me, part of the “show” is the celebrations. I don’t take it seriously, and neither do most of the players.

Just saw Jones (rb Packers) do the worm. Glad it was called back on a hold. :slight_smile:

Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye :wave:


Pepsi has a commercial just saw of all the fun celebrations celebrating 100 years

That’s too bad. Perpetuating poor sportsmanship.

Hug your teammates and get to the damn sideline.

Edit… I thought “calling attention to yourself” celebrations didn’t start until the 1970s with the invention of the spike. What were they doing prior to that???

I like watching players just hand the ball to the ref especially after a touch down.

As Bear Bryant used to say “Act like you’ve been there before and that you will be back”.

Obviously we disagree…but I think you might be taking it a little too seriously. It’s all in good fun. Players in the NFL still shake hands at the end of the game and the vast majority of players don’t get riled up about it.

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Meh. Most of the players look like they have a better job and a happier life than me. Good for them enjoying the moments as they come.

I liked this hide n seek one by Steelers

The celebrations that I think ridiculous are the ones when a team is down 38-3, and a defensive player from the losing team makes a tackle for a loss, then gets up and does a dance or flexes or whatever his celebration is. It just looks so stupid when you’re getting clobbered.


That I’ll agree with. Or, the offense marches down the field from like the 1 to the 5 on the other end, and someone gets a tackle and gets all pumped lol

It’s not so much that the players don’t have a problem with it but the fans watching it. The young kids who are going to emulate that in their own football games. They might get a bit more riled at being “shown up” then professional athletes.

But yeah, this is just an opinion poll, really.

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I do think they should, from time to time, invite the offensive line to participate in the celebrations, particularly if any particular player is having an exceptional game.

All those fancy plays won’t happen if the quarterback gets steamrollered in the back field.

I’ve seen the line involved a bunch this year. The most common one being they all run into the endzone and strike a team pose. I think the biggest restriction for them is deciding if its worth the energy to get up and get into the endzone for the party.

A couple weeks ago during a packer game a short guy scored so a big lineman ran with him to the wall to catapult him into a lambeau leap.

I didn’t like the no celebration rule and I don’t like over celebration.

Hockey has the perfect solution for this. If you go to far, you get punched in the face later in the game.

Hockey does have a way of venting. :grin:

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