Anheuser-Bush sheds 5 billion in value!

I guess their hope to attract more Trans consumers wasn’t the brightest idea in world? :man_shrugging:

According to the Dow Jones Market Data Group, Bud Light’s parent company is down 4.7 percent and has lost about $4.56 billion in market cap since March 31.

The beer maker’s stock shed more than 1.5% on Wednesday alone. The stock was $66.73 per share on March 31 and closed at $63.38 on Wednesday.


I may not be remembering something but to me, this appears to be the first time in recent memory (Disney???) that a company suffered noticeable immediate backlash to a controversial marketing decision.

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I hope that trend continues.


Funny, woke imbeciles forgot about their paying customer when concocting this latest tripe?
The shareholders must be elated. Actually the shareholders should be calling for firings if for any other reason the recklessness and fiduciary irresponsibilities.


leftism ruins everything.

0 exceptions


One of the speakers in the video (paraphrase): People are just confused because they expect consistency from a brand.

Uh, no. This has nothing to do with people being confused.


Uh…yes it does…or at least 1 person. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I dont really see the issue, these cans are not even on sale to the general public. They were specifically produced for Mulvaney to socialize on her social media accounts.

AB works regularly with influencers in this way and its nothing new.

Methinks its just people being outraged for nothing.

This society in which we live does not immiserate the workers but helps them to build a better life.
Max Horkheimer

The inverse:
This progressivism which we are building immiserates the workers and destroys the better life they built.

Socialism (progressivism) is the religion which will destroy all others.

Critprog is a cult. Fanatics


Over and over

5 billion in lost value disagrees with you.


Maybe now, people will stop drinking bubble piss. lol


Yet another example of get woke, go broke.

Intentionally alienating your core customers is not a good business strategy.

Most (All) stocks fluctuate by 1.5 percent in a day all the time. Let’s see what happens in the coming days and weeks etc.



Here for the lols

Methinks people are voting what they agree and disagree with…using their dollars. :wink:

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Ooh sounds like a big number.


Methinks people are writing articles to make you think that.