Angry Old Man Yells At Immigrants to Get Off His Lawn

Happy Fifth of July Hangover everyone! Now, how shall we celebrate the day after our celebration of our country?

Yep. That’s our President actually telling immigrants to eat off his damn lawn. Just Wow.

Thinks we’re the only country in the world with immigration courts too. That’s amazing.

“Get off” not “eat” off. Damn autocorrect and where’s our edit button?

This guy is so spectacularly dumb.

Is there a difference between a legal immigrant and an illegal alien?

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That’s actually our president telling Congress to do their job.

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Of course there is, but the “proggie left” here doesn’t know the difference.

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Yes. Now get off my lawn.

No it’s telling people to get off his damn lawn. waves cane and shouts

We have UFO’s to fly over any wall :slight_smile:

If you recognize the difference, why did you not recognize the difference in your OP?

You see that as getting off my lawn?

I see it as Congress FIX the damn Immigration issue.
Until then we have laws that we must uphold.

Because it wouldn’t advance their trolling attempt. :grinning:

Because if you read the actual words of the tweet, neither did he. :slight_smile:

When people, with or without children, enter our Country, they must be told to leave

I don’t see anything about “illegals” do you?

Now get off my damn lawn.

i dunno…eat off his lawn was appropriate too LOL

We’re the only country in the world with due process!

Hey, it’s what he literally said. “Get off the lawn.”. Right there. Presidential record now.

Was the President addressing the “law” which determines whether or not you’re in the country illegally or legally or a group of people, like you did?

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He literally said we need to get rid off due process.

I heard that…and have to disagree. What “we” need to do is to build a wall so that due process becomes unnecessary.

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