Angry Old Man Yells At Immigrants to Get Off His Lawn

Obligatory “the constitution doesn’t apply to illegal immigrants!” nonsense.

He’s also so ■■■■■■■ stupid he thinks we’re the only country with due process for immigrants.

The point is, between those two things and the get off my lawn comment, it deserves to be mocked.

All this? Just because an illegal immigrant shuts down the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July? What is the world coming to?

Alrighty then…carry on. :sunglasses:

What is that now the third or fourth time he has spoken of getting rid of due process. I don’t care what the reason is. Due Process is one of the Hallmarks of America. You cannot get rid of it for any reason.

I’m pretty sure that due process is “get off my lawn”.

Those tweets are so spectacularly insane and ignorant that anyone trying to trumpsplain looks even dumber.

She wasn’t an illegal immigrant.

Immigrant yes, illegal no.

Well, she seems like a fine outstanding member of society /sarcasm

If she is a legal immigrant, she should have her legal status overturned and sent back to wherever she came from.

All the articles I read basically only state that this

Therese Patricia Okoumou, 45, of Staten Island, was born and educated in the People’s Republic of Congo, but she has lived in New York for at least the last 10 years, records show.

They don’t say if she is an Illegal Immigrant or not.
An Illegal Immigrant can live in NYC for 10 years living for 10 years in a city doesn’t make her a legal immigrant.

For a protest? You Trumpers sure love your fascist tactics. And if she was native born? What then? Deport her anyway for not being “American” enough for you?

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There’s nothing saying she’s illegal either- and if she was, you’d know Britebart would be all over that crap.

and that is what worries me.

What country are you from that caused you not to understand the first amendment of the USA?

We have more evidence that you are an illegal_alien than she is.

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I was just pointing out that you made a statement that has yet to be confirmed or denied.
I just find the choice of wording the statements say curiously vague either side would be jumping over it. The Left would be saying she is a Legal Immigrant.
The Right would say she is an Illegal.

Deport him back to Mars or wherever!

Since when did you develop a sense of humor? :sunglasses:

A protest?

From your place link…

a few months ago and has been taking part in about one protest a week with the group

Seems she just likes to cause trouble.

She should be sent back the Congo on the first available flight

I should add, once she receives due process of course.