Anglophilia - Why?

I don’t get it. The seeming fascination with englishmen. They are in up to their necks in our politics specifically and culture in general.

Everywhere I turn, I run into them.

Are there no good American spies? No good American analysts and broadcasters? Do we really need to import them and put them on the ■■■■■■■ tv?

Fiona Hill. That Steele clown. Piers Morgan. James Corden. Craig Ferguson is a Scot, but damn.

Are we that untalented as a country?

It’s the accent, makes a lot of you go all weak at the knees.


I think the accent is a big part of it.

It makes me want to pick up a musket.


To be fair, the day ending in a Y makes most of you want to shoot a gun at something.

And I agree, Americans continuing assumption that an english accent is a sign of intelligence is a baffling mystery.


You know me?

You in the general sense

Actually, we just think it’s funny.

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Huh? Who do you mean?

I don’t, but then I worked for an english company once.

That would explain James Cordens success.

It’s.clearly not due to any degree of talent on his part.

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I mean when I said most of you, I wasn’t talking about you as a person specifically.

In countries like England, Australia, and Canada taking acting classes and being in the drama club is not seen as something dorky, or something only the Nancy boys do. That’s why half the casts of The Walking Dead and The Avengers aren’t from here. Could be the same with all those commentators.

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I am an individual. Are you english?

Political analysts are actors?

Huh, I’d think they’d be better at it.

Yes you are and yes I am

I saw James Corden on Broadway - he had me laughing so hard that I literally cried.

Well, just so you’ll know; it’s almost December and I haven’t shot anybody all year.

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You have a lot of Americans over there commenting on your politicking and culture?

No, not actors now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of them had theater experience from their school days.

Maybe they should have stuck with it.