Andrew McCabe: 25th Amendment was discussed by Justice Department to remove Trump from office


Person A: “Hey, do you think there’s a majority of cabinet members who would invoke the 25th?”

Person B: “Eh, doubt it.”

Person C-RAZY: “Seditious plotting!!”


Answer mine first.


Trump can add “Attempted coup survivor” to his resume.


Yeah, I guess they could spontaneously decide one day to come together to transmit their declaration to congress.


Nope- I need to know your level of consistency on this matter.

Do you believe the Radical Republicans plotted to overthrow Andrew Johnson’s Presidency and replace him with one of their own so they could control the Executive and have their agenda rubber-stamped? Do you believe this makes them seditionists?


They can go to the VP like men-as individuals. But you have a nice night.


I need to know yours. Why are they lying?


That sounds like seditious plotting.


The law disagrees with your emotional interpretation. They are not seditionist traitors. They are men who were rightfully concerned for their country. As they should have been, given the data being presented to them via Trump and his actions and statements. Coupled with the actions of people working directly on his behalf. And finally, given all they knew about Russia’s unprecedented attack on our nation for one man’s sole benefit.

We get it. He is your favorite politician so you have an emotional investment in defending him and attacking those that threaten him. But honestly, step back, remove your emotion, and try to view this through an unemotional lens for a moment. I have to imagine you’ll see your accusations of their discussion equating to an attempt at overthrowing the government to be inaccurate on its face.

Where is the logic? Where is the rational development of conclusions? They seem nonexistent in your position. Why?


Why are they lying?


I can’t stand him. He’s a pig.


Who made a determination they are lying? Surely you can understand a difference of interpretation of events. Especially given the level of concern being faced. I have never had reason to question your past as you’ve documented here regarding your service. You of all people have to know that interpretation of events vary from man to man in extraordinary situations.


Two diametrically opposed stories. At least one of them is.

But astounding post, thanks for the laugh. See you next week.

Please don’t defend sedition.


You are losing the narrative here.

That has nothing to do with whether or not the 25th gets invoked.


I don’t know how anyone can listen to Trump’s rambling speeches and think he’s firing on all cylinders.

I can only imagine what he’s like in private when they’re trying to tell him something important.


Wait let me try…Sedition!

Yeah that felt good

Trumpers and so called conservatives keep repeating this word, meanwhile Trump is president and his pick for AG, Barr just got Senate confirmed to lead the DOJ…


John Freerick who was one of the chief architects of the 25 amendment said. The senators who signed the provision into law specified that declaring the president unfit must rely on reliable facts regarding the president’s physical or mental faculties, not personal prejudice. During the debates, it’s was clear that policy and political differences are not included, unpopularity is not included, poor judgment, incompetence, laziness, or impeachable conduct none of that is intended to be covered by the 25 amendment.
Sounds to me that they intended for the vice president and congress to have to provide proof that the president was unable to preform the duties of his office. It also sounds like they didn’t intend for this amendment to be used instead of impeachment proceeding for a president that had broken the law.


…to you my friend. I care about us. If I am to use your term of God-wedded, it’s to my country, my family, my friends, my community and my responsibilities. I believe they were…and I expect there will be an investigation that will expose it for all to see. Then I can say…I told ya so. :sunglasses:


Perhaps they should have written that criteria into the amendment, then. Alas, the only requirements they made actual law were a sufficient number of votes.


Why does it seem like so many Trump supporters are more concerned with protecting Trump, rather than the country?