And Ty Cobb is gone

So what. His legal team decides to move into another direction.

You think Trump hasn’t been here before?

Look at who is replacing him

Does Donny have money problems too? That would be rich. (or just the opposite)


That’s awesome.

Dowd is gone, too.

Dude give it up already with the weak spin.

Heh. Must suck having to defend this guy.

He’s already gone through more lawyers than you’d see pizza delivery guys wander through a Stormy Daniels set.


Okay, would you at least concede that Donald Trump appears to be a total nightmare as a client: indiscreet, dishonest (to the point of getting tangled up in his own contradictory statements), doesn’t seem to listen to his lawyers, etc.?

And, no, he hasn’t been here before, really: Yeah, he’s famously litigious, but he’s not in a position now to wear down a poorer client with fewer resources and tie things up for years, or just pay people off and be done with the problem.

Okay, glad I wasn’t the only one who had this initial thought.


And he’s never be in position of power he’s now in before either.

Trump can burn down the entire justice system if he wants.

And I hope he does, Corrupt organization needs it.

Thats not a smart idea

I think something big might be happening soon, firing Rosenstein perhaps?

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was considering using his executive power to “get involved” in a document dispute between the Department of Justice and congressional Republicans that’s tied to federal investigations of his campaign’s ties to Russia.



Why? learning how corrupt our justice system has been scares you?

It’s funny you apparently think everybody else is “corrupt” or deep stating it, but poor Donny is just an innocent. Have you looked at HIS track record for truth and straight dealing?

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The weasel deserves to be fired. It would be a good start cleaning up the system…but much more needs to be done.

I’ve been preaching about this corruption long before Donald. Where the ■■■■ have you been all these years?

On planet Earth?

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You would think that after dozens of examples of the media reporting on something, Trump and his people vehemently denying it, Trumpists parroting the denials as fact, and then being proven wrong shortly after, that these people would eventually get tired of being made suckers of. But no, time and time again they line up to repeat the same tired old process. I would almost feel for them if they weren’t such demonstrably bad, dangerous individuals.

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Really? When did you start preaching about Rosenstein being corrupt?

he wanted the President to tell the truth to our country?