And Ty Cobb is gone

So Ty Cobb is gone at the end of the month.

What’s the professional life span of employees in Trump’s orbit?

That’s funny.

Ty Cobb is the only trump lawyer left that has security clearance. Lol!

They are all jumping ship rather than face the Mueller report…

Is that really true? :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that he’s being replaced by the lawyer that represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment.

Well, we’re all sorry to see him mustache-ride into the sunset.

I thought this was about baseball. So my immediate response was, “Wait, he’s been dead for a while now.”


Guy decides to retire right in the middle of the most momentous, consequential case of his entire career.


Easy part is over with.

Let’s do some greatest hits:

Cobb was interested in cooperation with Mueller team.

I see it now as Trump is no longer interested in that cooperation and now have decided to tell Mueller to ■■■■ off.

So looks like the leak of the Mueller questions by Trump’s team so Fox would report on it and Trump would listen worked. Are you good with a subpoena for the president Conan?

Dowd didn’t want to co-operate, and he left too. So did Kasowitz and diGenova.

Having a revolving door of lawyers is typically a really really bad sign.

Trump could only have one person with a big bushy mustache in his crew. He chose Bolton.

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Maybe…or Trump picked their brain and then moved on.

Remember it’s expensive to retain so many lawyers.

But I know you’re going to disagree. So have at it.

Subpoena, here we come!

It’s a lot more expensive to bring new lawyers on and pay them while they get caught up.