And there it is, Libs believe in censorship

Poll taken by Pew Research Center says nearly half of Americans believe that goverment should take steps to censor what they believe is misinformation…even if it means restricting our freedoms.

Roughly half of U.S. adults (48%) now say the government should take steps to restrict false information, even if it means losing some freedom to access and publish content, according to the survey of 11,178 adults conducted July 26-Aug. 8, 2021. That is up from 39% in 2018. At the same time, the share of adults who say freedom of information should be protected – even if it means some misinformation is published online – has decreased from 58% to 50%

As I said many times here before. Libs believe in censorship…so it’s time to come out of the closet and just admit it.

So deny it all you want…I’ll just break out my duck meme.


Yes, the government should stop the disinformation coming out of the White House.


Republicans were more supportive of the goverment restricting false information when they were the party in power

You posted the wrong chart btw. That chart doesn’t list by party affiliation.

But the article does and I am not surprised. I bet if you had a more specific question like “should the government limit information about abortion” that line would be flipped.

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Still less then libs…but nice try.

Doesn’t matter. I never advocated goverment restricting or interfering in freedom of speech unless it’s a threat.

Free speech advocates are facing a generational shift that is now being reflected in our law schools, where free speech principles were once a touchstone of the rule of law. As millions of students are taught that free speech is a threat and that “China is right” about censorship, these figures are shaping a new society in their own intolerant images.

Which that links to older story about libs wanting to emulate China in what I’ve been saying now for years.

There is no way getting around this libs…you lost your right to defend our basic human liberties/freedoms that was guarantee under our Constitution.

Could also reflect that Republicans are more supportive of publishing ■■■■■■■■■


Wow I’m surprised…I figured libs would be rushing here to tell me they’re aren’t for censorship.

well not “censorship” per se just anything they disagree with that might appear on some widely accessible medium


He complains, on Sean Hannity’s website, without any irony.


…and puts it in the basket. huh?

I love censorship, sometimes when I start writing a reply I delete it myself when I’m done, silencing myself.

This one got through.

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Censorship isn’t about stopping lies, it’s about being afraid of the truth.


…and here it is folks, proof that big tech is censoring Rs at a much, much, MUCH higher rate than Ds. Google gmail would mark R political donation requests as spam and there is no longer any denying of this…FACT!

…and an independent journalists take on this subject.

Now that Musk owns Twitter, is censorship still ok? It was in the 2020 election…how about now?

Did you read the article?

Did you read the part about other programs favoring GOP emails?

In yet another sign of Big Tech bias, it turns out Google’s Gmail program leans strongly Democratic — automatically sending Republican fund-raising mail to users’ spam folders far more often than the Democratic ones in the runup to the 2020 elections.

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As the Republican National Committee sums it up in its complaint to the Federal Election Commission, the Gmail algorithm sent GOP fundraising e-mails to spam at a rate 820% higher than Dem ones. The study puts it less shockingly: Nearly seven in 10 Republican messages auto-spammed, vs. less than one in 10 Democratic ones.

The other programs’ bias favored GOP e-mails, but by much narrower margins. And vastly more Americans use Gmail for their personal correspondence.

“Exposing the Lefts hypocrisy” …The first words out of his mouth…Yea totally not a Conservative “Independent journalist”…:roll_eyes::rofl:

Did you hear any lies you’d like to expose? No?