And The Survey Says.........!


43%? That’s amazing!


Why? Trump has consistently run the lowest approval rating of any President.


No other president, in the history of the United states, has been so beloved by his subjects. What the poll numbers lie by omitting is that millions of illegal invaders are also included in results. If you only count the real Americans then his popularity soars to incredible numbers. Numbers you won’t even believe like 11000%.


So, the “real Americans” really like this turd. That’s funny.


You can’t spell “real americans” without MAGA.


You’ve out oddest yourself with that post.


I outed myself ages ago. I go over the top on purpose because nobody should be treated seriously who sounds like me.


Still trying to compare Trump to other Presidents. Tsk tsk.


Well you know people around here get upset when you compare him to other con men.


Comparing him to other Presidents is useless.


Oh, one of those. Sorry, I hadn’t noticed.