And The Survey Says.........!

Phat Donald touted his approval rating recently… said it was an amazing 55%. His supporters ate it up like hog slop from a trough.

Bad news though, my lil Trumplings. Fox made an error they have since admitted. 55% of those polled actually disapprove of his Royal Ignorance.

Trump: King of Fake News.

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Real math says…45 percent approval.

Statistics aren’t that hard fox news

When it come to running straight propaganda for Trump, their math skills diminish markedly.

Why did it take a recent poll for you to have your epiphany? I’ve been telling you this same thing for years. Let me phrase it another way to help your brain recover this; take his Twitter account away. This Trumpling has been telling you this for as long as you’ve been an unobservant Hillaryite…and that’s been a long, long time my friend. :sunglasses:

I see that as of this morning, Donald still has the poll up on his twitter feed.

It wasn’t an epiphany for me that Donald is a liar and that his supporters are complicit. I have been telling you that for years. Why haven’t you listened until now? Only one of us voted for moving the machine forward. That was you. Congrats and thanks.



You say you’ve been saying it for years, and not just because of this specific incident.

Why would you like to see his Twitter feed taken away?

Lying is very profitable. It also separates families. And it also garners tons of votes.

These people aren’t shameful. They remind me of guys who lie, cheat and steal in Chicago.

Personally, I think the nation needs to see his Twitter feed - the closer we get to November of 2020, the more important I think that is.

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I think the better option would be to take away his Fox News.

It’s become painfully obvious over the last few years that he’s nothing more than the Fox News president. This just further reinforces that. He’s flagrantly sharing incorrect info. Trump is a proxy for Fox’s #FakeNews. He hasn’t even corrected his #FakeNews tweet, that he from #FakeFox.


Those are the campaign ads that write themselves.

Just run "then and now’ side-by-side tweets.

Everybody but Trump’s 35% that are too smart to be bothered by facts would see for themselves the dotard’s character on display.

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So people won’t know how awful he is?

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His twitter account is like a window into his soul. (assuming he has one)

Let see, Lou Dobbs (who might have dementia himself) aired an incorrect Trump approval rating number. Trump then tweeted an image of it. Fox then made an on-air correction. Ten hours later, Trump still hasn’t deleted his tweet, even though it contains a poll number he now definitely knows is FAKE.
How in the hell can any trump supporters defend this?

Due to your lack of ability to see what lies ahead, I saved you from Hillary and the dramatic damage she’d have done to our country, that I question would have ever been repairable?

Yea more like nightvision goggles into a nihilistic abyss.

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Statistics me amigo, not math. 38% approval. You forgot the undecided.

I’m glad you posed that as a question. I’ll answer. Trump has destroyed (and will continue to do so) any moral relevenace the New Trump Republican Party has.

His useful idiots have opened the door to much worse than Hillary. Ready, set… Oprah. Ready, set… Michael Avenatti types. Good work. Your willing acceptance of a lying, boastful reprobate has set a new bar for leadership.

That’s the long view… since you brought it up.


Simple - they’re Trump supporters.

They’ll just rationalize it away and claim polls are rigged anyways because remember 2016 when Hillary lost?!??

“I reject your reality and insert my own” is pretty much the mantra of Trump.

And they need it thrown in their faces every day…

No allowance for them to ever again pretend that they are decent human beings…

Burn those lifeboats…