And The Survey Says.........!

I didn’t even see that in the original poll. Thanks for the catch. Can’t forget the undecideds. The election hinges on them.

Trump has a 45% approval rating? That’s amazing!

And how many points did the media have Fat Hillary up by? The only poll that matters is on election night. And the left has chosen 20 loons to oppose the President.

Do you have any input on the topic of this thread?

I used to try and give many Trump supporters the benefit of the doubt, figuring many had just fallen in love with the reality TV star who “tells it like it is”. They didn’t know about his long history of bogus bluster and slimy behavior, not to mention his many dubious business dealings.

But the learning curve has long since passed. Anyone who still supports him does so in the face of a substantial amount of evidence indicating Trump is quite an ignorant scumbag, willing to divide this country for his own gain.

That’s why these days, I have ZERO respect for Trump supporters. They don’t deserve any respect at this point. Their excuse-making and constant defending of him has only contributed to the undermining of this country and it’s institutions.


Unless they are interviewing Julian assange

Tread lightly, I’d miss you.


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It’s also wrong — you’re including Undecided as Favorable.

Like most “amazing” Trump facts — it is a fantasy.

What’s the right number?

…and the current lib mindsets (championing Michael Avenatti) are the sorest losers I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime and have spun off into the Twilight Zone. Seriously…it’s time to drop the drama, recalibrate and grow up.


Trump, Satan himself, has a 38% approval rating? That’s amazing!

Think about how slimy and sleazy Donald Trump is and that 38%, according to this one poll, still support him. My guess is many of those people are Christians. That’s mind blowing.

It truly is.

Really a 1,000 person poll and that is the best they could do :laughing:

LOL, I was a little surprised, it’s been as low as 35.

A thousand, maybe twelve hundred, those are pretty normal sizes.

No poll # is “right” since there is a margin of error. The number in this instance was 38%, lower than most. 42-43% — consensus across polls - probably right.

Rasmussen always more favorable to R’s but they only call land lines, which skews to older citizens.

43%? That’s amazing!