And here we go....the Treasury hands over confidential info on Biden

When the Ds requested Trumps tax info, the Treasury was all like “no…we have to protect citizens rights to privacy!”. Now, they are all in on using the power of their office to investigate and hurt political opponents.

I’m sure the forum members who condemned the Ds for playing politics with private tax info will soundly condemn this move.

Awwww, actual crimes are being investigated now. :rofl:


Finally…an investigation to examine actual corruption at the highest levels of government. One could say, the swamp is being cleansed. :sunglasses:

What crime?

What evidence do you have of corruption?

Right? It’s about time Dems are held to the same standards as everyone else. :wink:

What standard are you referring to?

The stealing of an election right before our eyes and the half the nation shrugs…

The hypocrisy is gonna be epic with this…buckle up folks…


I’ll leave that to the investigation so that they can expose it for you to see and say…ahhhh…that corruption.

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Elections have consequences.


Dems always cry foul when they get punched back. That strategy has worked in the past, but no more. Don Jr’s recent remarks about the GOP fighting back were perfect. Maybe in the future he will become “POTUSJr” As of today I really like the idea.

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Op link

Grassley refused to identify what information Treasury provided when reached by The New York Times, but said through a spokesman, “It’s unfortunate that Democrats whom we’ve kept in the loop on our investigations would recklessly seek to interfere with legitimate government oversight.”

You don’t even know if it was taxes. Looks like it was mostly travel.


Every single one of them. Read the report.

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Actual crimes. That’s funny.


Hilarious, actually. Six months ago, the Kid Sniffer was y’all’s best hope. :rofl:

Altering documents is a crime. So is lying to get a warrant.


That is not one of the 17 inaccuracies or omissions. Have you even read the report? :confused:

Yes it is.

And those should be investigated.

Tax fraud is a crime too.

You think Biden cheated on his taxes?