And During Black History Month?

Come on man!

I didn’t know Maravich still held the record. I thought basketball was a black nation game?

White girl beat another white girl’s record.

On pace to be the all time-held by a white guy.

Bird is the GOAT.

Man! A crit can’t catch a break! Oppression! Oppression!


Speaking of Black History, check out these absolute Legends!

Imagine the sheer balls it took to be a fighter pilot on an even playing field.


A “black nation” game? Jesus Christ.


Yes, black nation. Problem?

What do you need the Good Lord to do for you?

What does it tell you?

Did you know Ms. Clark has been the target of racial bigotry?

To be honest we kind of took Baskball over. It’s pretty much us and a handful of Europeans now.

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Say what? :thinking:

Trying to call someone racist without having the balls to actually say it.

It’s contemptible.

Racist? Against white people?

Somehow racist against black people. Even though we clearly dominate basketball and it’s a huge cultural thing for black Americans as a whole.

And I’ve been saying for years that if someone invents a heated hockey rink we are going to take that ■■■■ over too.


That works. :wink:

Putting basketballs through a hoop is something women excel at. Anyone here catch Sabrina Ionescu sinking 37 of 40 three pointers the other day? Mesmerizing.

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:slight_smile: Sorry, that is how one responds to things here. Right? With emojis and not talking about the post? I’ve learned that here.

Hey guys, you don’t have to swing at every pitch.

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Hold on now! Look at the the OP.

What does it tell you?

Great post. What does it mean?

Just did a segment today with my 3rd and 4th grade on this very topic. They were entranced. :blush:


Tell that to the Mighty Casey.

You know.