Ancient Apocalypse is The Most Dangerous Show on Netflix

Always heart warming to see the so-called academics with zero field experience flopping and flailing in a froth that someone dared to say something they disagree with.

“Pseudo-archeologist?” Not once has he ever claimed to be one. :man_shrugging:

“Pseudo-scientist?” Not once has he ever claimed to be one. :man_shrugging:

He’s a journalist. A real one at that. Shame we can’t have those more often. He brings a host of legitimate questions, facts, and evidence generally pointing to what he’s saying, and he’s doing it so well, the calls of cancellation are ringing out.

Such a danger… :roll_eyes:

How dare he stand out. The fact of the matter is, our ancestors were building megalithic stone structures, centuries before farming and animal husbandry were supposedly “invented”.

Also, the melting of the ice caps is an absolute mystery if you substract celestial events from the equation. There was simply NOT enough terrestrial heat-energy to melt the Laurentide in less than the geological blink of an eye.

Just as they do now, 90%+ of humanity lived within 100 miles of the ocean. It’s no wonder we don’t really have any history, considering most of it is 400 feet under corrosive salt water at this time.

Speaking of corrosion, the Titanic has virtually all but disappeared in the last 100 years just sitting on the ocean floor. :person_shrugging:


Its a great show and I have read a lot of Hancocks books. Cracking interesting reads which make you think.

The documentary is interesting. Just as with anything else take it with a grain of salt but most dangerous? That’s preposterous

The only issue i have with him is his somewhat idealistic view of a single source of civilization development. But he doesn’t overly stress it so it’s not a big deal.

On my list to watch…haven’t seen it yet.

Something else to watch…dammit.

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I’ve only seen the first two episodes myself. Honestly, I was kind of bored because I’ve already fanboyed this ■■■■ for the better part of 15 years. lol

I’m far from the belief that humans were “more” advanced or even “as” advanced as we are now (depending on your definition of the words of course), but there’s some genuine hard evidence out there that someone was circumnavigating and mapping the world a looooong time before Columbus.

We also know for a stone cold fact that megalithic structures (Gobleki and the other Tepe sites, etc.) absolutely existed before the accepted dates of when animal husbandry and farming became a thing. Hunter-gatherers had time to do this? Doubtful. :person_shrugging:


It isn’t “dangerous” in as much as “Ancient Aliens” is dangerous.

I also have full faith that the human ability to stack rocks doesn’t need some single source Asimov “Foundation” type explanation


That “article” by Guardian is a joke.

Also the fact that it’s a written by a guy with a last name Heritage is funny


If you ever start looking into the origins of food (cherries, apples, animals etc.), you’ll find that the vast majority of everything we eat originates in the China/India region. It’s almost creepy how many arrows point in that direction the farther you look back.

Also interesting to note about China - they may have been using pottery thousands and thousands of years before pottery shows up in Europe, while cultivating everything that we eat. :person_shrugging:


If you keep digging you will see “Adama” written over and over throughout the structure


As long as whatever Hancock proposes is falsifiable (to the degree an hypothesis about things that happened long ago can be), then by definition it can’t be dangerous.

I don’t like the Guardian story either. Time to start training up people how to think again, so they can look at stuff like Ancient Apocalypse and know how to critically examine it (to the degree it can be, because we will be seeing only those things Hancock wants us to see).

Speaking of the series, which episode does Randall Carlson show up? That’s the real star of this whole show.

Looks like an interesting series. Will give it a look.

This guy right here.

Stuart Heritage
Stuart Heritage
Wed 23 Nov 2022 05.54 EST

Is a real ■■■■■■■■

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Oh don’t remind me to never watch the last episode of that series ever again.

Seriously… watch the show but not the last episode… anything you come up with on your own would be better.

I read Fingerprints of the Gods and The Mars Mystery in the late 90s. Followed those up with The Sign and the Seal, Message of the Sphinx and Underworld in the early 2000’s.

The Mars Mystery kinda fell on its face when the Pathfinder mission pictures came out shortly after the books release, which was a bummer for a college kid who loved the material.

He’s also admitted to coming up with a lot of his theories while using psychedelics. While his theories are really believable and coherent I don’t hold a lot of faith in them being true. Most times the real world is just as boring as it appears.

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It’s hard to believe this buffoon even has a job. Note the base objective to compare him to Qanon and even to leftist kooks:

This is how you address people you disagree with these days. :wink:

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I’ve watched three. I think the guardian article is a commercial. They say the same things throughout the show claiming they’re being attacked for their findings. It’s interesting, just wish they’d drop the victim hood and stick with the facts, which are mostly supposition.


I read that, just now. That guy is an enormous ass.


Sticking to the facts would absolutely be optimal. There’s a lot of missing information and an impossibly long History of Sapiens in which it all happened. I don’t understand the shame people feel in admitting that Sapiens have always been just as intelligent as we are. :person_shrugging:

I find it fascinating that people can be triggered by certain theories. I have no problem hearing out anyone, with any theory. But you’ll trigger people with certain conspiracy theories. Wouldn’t that suggest a level of programming going on?