Analysis | Trump’s approval hits 50 percent — in a doctored poll graphic shared


“Donald Trump Jr. shared a doctored image that makes his father’s Gallup presidential approval rating look 10 points higher than it actually is — surprising even people who have otherwise become numb to factual distortions from Trump’s inner circle.”

He’s just evolving the facts

brilliant from the son of stable genius

If you’re going to photoshop something though why stop 50%? Could have set it to like 99%

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standard Trump family protocol: do a half ass job and still claim victory


Sort of like having your accountant export something to you as a Word document instead of just buying Adobe Acrobat Pro and editing the PDF directly. These people can’t even launder money correctly. :grinning:


Not only was it half-assed to not use a bigger number, it was a half-assed Photoshop job…it stood right out that all the other numbers had an oblong shape because the picture of the TV screen was taken at an angle, but the 50% number was completely flat.

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That Photoshop job is a pretty good metaphor for how the white house operates as a whole these days.

Got to love them alternative fact machines.

Guess Fat Donald Jr. and company will now blame CNN for the doctored graphic.

Most corrupt and screwed up administration ever.

MAGA :ru:

That would be too obvious. He should have followed Putin’s path and gone with a much more realistic 92%. :rofl:

Wow! Even higher than Abraham Lincoln!


If it says 50 percent, it’s 50 percent.

And if it says 150 percent, it’s 150 percent.

Frankly, I’m tired of the TDS.




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That’s not a lie. When Warren Beatty announced it, the world believed it for a second, and so it was true before it was false.

Under tie goes to the runner rules, it is true.

Are you referring to the Rasmussen 2 August poll? Doesn’t look fake to me???

You didn’t read the article posted in the OP, did you?

LOL! You ever thought to look before you post?

Shot In the dark. But im guessing no…

They’re just a bunch of common liars.