Analysis | Trump’s approval hits 50 percent — in a doctored poll graphic shared

Grifters gonna grift.

Yeah, but did you SEE the size of Donald’s inauguration crowd? Largest crowd in the history of US presidents, and possibly the world.

Even when it’s shown this Krappy Family is a bunch of lying con artists, they continue to suck that nipple. Unbelievable!

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… And then Peek was never seen in this thread every again…

Sure I did. I understand Trump-haters are hung up on the cut and paste job, but the 50% number isn’t fake.

Sure I do. My response stands. The 50% number isn’t a fake number, regardless of how it was presented.

So once again, frothing at the mouth Trump haters are making a mountain over a mole hill. Who cares about whether or not CNN’s graphic was manipulated. The 50% number is accurate.

hard to believe, but I do have a life outside of this thread.

The Gallup poll had Trump at 40% approval. Donnie Jr. photoshopped in the 50%.

Only one poll has ever had Trump at 50% and that was a Rasmussen poll, not Gallup.

Ohh so you are hung up on the text stating the source of the graphic was gallup.

I still believe this is forthing at the mouth Trump-hating. The vast majority of Americans, including myself, simply have better things to do than to froth at the mouth over everything Trump does.

Yes, because the source was, in fact, Gallup.

Just admit you effed up and didn’t read the article.

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I read the article but missed the small gallop poll statement in the graphic. Would have made no difference in my response. The data was factual, it just came from two different polling organizations.

Once again.


Did you actually read the Rasmussen article referenced in your link? (Bold mine)

“The president earned a monthly job approval of 46% in July, down one point from June and another step down from 49% in April, his high for the year to date.

But yes, you can find a 1-day statistical noise-spike of 50% in one outlier polling firm’s number. Congrats!

I think most people care - except people like you who obviously don’t mind being lied to constantly.

What Donnie Jr posted was FAKE.

I think you would be surprised. If you were to poll 1,000 people picked at random, I’m betting 99% of them wouldn’t have a clue what you were talking about, let alone care. The vast majority of Americans aren’t paying a lot of attention to what is going on in the political arena right now. That is why turnout for the mid-terms is traditionally very low. They are simply too busy going about their day-to-day activities than to worry about what Trump is saying or not saying. I’m certainly not paying attention, and I’m likely more engaged politically than most Americans are at this time in the election cycle.

I get you. You don’t care if you are being lied to.

Results! :+1:

skewed polls!

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Haha, we’ll see when the Red Wave washes away the blues!