An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg

An open letter written by Professor Jason D. Hill reminding this young child just what is what.

Your generation needs to be taught the morality of wealth creation, rather than only parasitically benefiting from it.

Some of the most coddled kids in decades and they have no clue, yet want to preach to everyone else. Dare to take away their conveniences and they wail like the children they are.


Okay boomer.


Wrong. But if that’s all you got…

Who built the world that we are living in now?

Older generation upset the younger generation doesn’t agree with them on issues, what else is this.

the morality of wealth creation, is that why wage as stagnating as cost of living is skyrocketing, why should I feel sorry for the poor rich people.

education cost are going up, yet somehow that is young people fault,
housing cost are going up but somehow that is young people fault.
people can light their water on fire, but its the poor fracking companies that suffer.
Flint water is still full of lead, but its the poor water companies that suffer.

cry me a river why shouldn’t young people be upset they are being lied too, the American dream is dead.



What is the carbon footprint involved in production of that yacht she was using? Surely a Kontiki raft or a maori waka or a viking knörr would be in character with the farce.

I will never understand this idea in America that to preach something you need to be the perfect person, can’t preach climate change if you drive a car!


Who is doing more in terms of combating Climate Change than western countries? I have zero issues with Greta as she is a little girl, what I have a problem with is going in front of the U.N. and using the time to lecture countries like Germany and France who are doing a whole lot to fight climate change, while completely ignoring the biggest emitter of carbon China in the conversation. Throw in India to the list which is growing the fastest and is projected to be in the top 3 emitters in a few years. Nothing was said about them.

If it’s a global problem it can’t just be fought from the west.

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You are projecting your own whataboutism onto Americans. I don’t think many among conservatives expects perfection from those expressing opinions.

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The letter is nothing but a personal attack that is absolutely disgusting and reflects badly on its author…


Look at this map and tell me we’re the biggest concerns on emmisons should be, keep in mind the west has been gradually reducing emissions. What countries should climate activists focus their ire towards?


You know the drill.

Actually addressing areas that would make an impact will never happen as they know those countries will tell them to buzz off.

One day she’ll wake up and realize just how badly she’s been lied to and used and come completely unglued.

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Every generation that preceded us.

Good lord CJ, the cost of living isn’t even making a bump in the road much less skyrocketing.

That’s so far beyond histrionics it’s not even funny.


It makes a noise if you hold it up to your ear. Ive seen one before. This was basically the gist of their conversation


Idealistic not realistic. Im the biggest whacko green there is but Gretal aint saying anything new. She is just a prop. Kind of a silly one.

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The east would like nothing more than for the west to take on the fight alone.