An inconvenient truth

Texas reopened completely four weeks ago and the COVID cases continue to drop, while cases continue to surge in the New York area which has a long list of restrictions. Dr. Fauci was left fumbling to explain this inconvenient truth.

These results come even after the Biden administration’s best efforts to spread COVID in Texas:

Felipe Romero, a spokesman for Brownsville, Texas, said 185 migrants rapid-tested at the city’s main bus station showed they were infected with COVID-19, ​up from the 108 who tested positive last week, Fox News reported Monday.

What is going wrong in Texas?

They are doing everything “wrong” but they are getting good results. How is that possible?

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You’re comparing a densely populated city like New York City to the entire state of Texas?


I’m glad things are going well in Texas. I’m sure there will be a plethora of COVID studies in the coming years to figure out why things happened the way they did.

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Michigan is worse case count.

I said that was a lousy metric all along.

One would think the lock down D would get punished at the polls…only Newsome seems to be in trouble.

Your comparing a single city to the second largest state in America?

Why would that matter now?

Besides…Texas has cities.

The political worm has turned…never was any face diaper science.


Fauci warned Texas not to reopen and lift COVID restrictions:

Maybe we need get buses filled with COVID-positive passengers to go into the state. Oh wait, the feds already did that.


New York City has been holding a pox party on the subways for over a year. Don’t they have herd immunity yet?

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The subways are pretty empty these days.

Houston, Texas’ most populous city, has a population density of 3,622.77 folks per sq mi. Mobile City, its city with the highest population density, has 14,000.00 folks per sq mi.

New York City has a population density of 27,755.25 folks per sq mi.

Based on the info at the time he was well within reason to be skeptical.

Face masks are a conspiracy theory. Figures.

New York city has its own variant that is running rampant.

Simply not true. Texas did not completely reopen. There are still a lot of businesses that will not reopen until their staff and a higher number of folks get vaccinated. And there are still quite a few businesses where masks and distancing are required. And quite a few businesses allow limited number of folks inside at a time. And if there is a surge we will start to see it in another ten to twenty days. Also, we have not seen a outbreak of any of the varrients yet. I hope we don’t but it still looks to be the wildcard.

Dallas is not the most populous city in Texas.

They would be biowaste when used.

The psychosomatic effect helped many.

I thought Houston bigger.

And San Antone

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Number one in salary. I just laugh.

Wonder if he asks Biden what they are paying him.

Do we assume the FT post was an honest error?