An inconvenient truth

That is an older story.

Vaccines have been effective is latest from CDC.

Yes. Assume good intent.

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The state dropped its regulations. Individual businesses are free to make their own decisions.

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I suspect that the big advantage for Texas is simply that spring came earlier there.

The masks and business limits may only provide a small benefit at best. New York is likely to see a drop in the next few weeks as spring weather hits the area.



I was referring to the variant. Yes. 2 months later we are seeing that vaccines are more effective than once thought.

Maybe has the highest population density???

Infectious biological material should be collected in a sanitary manner and incinerated…not thrown in regular trash or parking lots.

You know… science.

Do you incinerate your snotty tissues when you have a cold?

Colds don’t cause pandemic.

Covid does.

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Are we requiring the incineration of all snotty tissues, coughed in handkerchiefs, etc, used by people with covid?

Maybe why MI can’t slow the spread.

Perhaps J’Biden flooding Tejas with Covid positive illegals will legitimize Doc Fauci’s claims?
Great immigration plan ‘Ol Joey from Scranton has there. Infect the country, promote the lockdown lie (again), then shower the infectors with taxpayer funded social benefits which will of course come with a voter registration because the goobermint issued welfare cards can be used as a ■■■■■■■ voter ID!
Is this a great country or what?


Actually, the NYC subway hasn’t been a spreader of COVID. I’ve been riding the subways regularly since last June.

Most people that ride the subways are good about masking and spacing to the extent possible. The MTA has also been very good about cleaning the subway cars.

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I would not consider in excess of 48,800 COVID-19 deaths in Texas as doing well.

One thing. Texas immediately ignored the CDC to give shots to younger workers and concentrated on over 65, on the obvious basis that the first goal should be to stop the dying. I can see why that would result in a lower death rate than states that followed the CDC guidelines, but I don’t know why that would result in fewer people catching the disease.
I’m just glad Trump set up a system that allowed the states to make that decision. I see Biden as much more of a Federal authority person.

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…or maybe when you crowd families and friends into seclusion…when one gets infected, the whole gets infected?

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Is that what’s happening in NYC? They’re crowding families and friends into seclusion?