An important vote getting little coverage is coming to Minneapolis in three weeks

After that, the police stood down and let the criminals have their way.


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You guys fall for this like chumps every single time. Someone says, man, the police are out of control, we should reform them. The police then quit enforcing the law except for serious crimes-a union work slowdown you support lol-so the crime rate goes up and then they blame the people calling for reform for the crime rate going up even though virtually nothing has happened except rhetoric.

And y’all eat it up. Every time.

No, I specifically remember police just watching the riots and destruction with indifference. It wasn’t just rhetoric, and the homicide numbers went up.

Because cops weren’t doing their job, not because of defunding.

Go ahead say it. I’m kidding, I know you won’t. Quote unquote small government conservatives rarely find a boot of armed state power that’s not worth a little smooch at least.

Because the mayors ordered them not to.


Refer to the equation that I posted above. We are already seeing the effect of diminished policing.

Black policemen, a black police chief, a black DA and a black Mayor. And still poor Freddy broke his neck. :thinking:

Careful Tommy, you could end up like Rumpelstiltskin. :wink:

I have family and friends who are policemen, so I guess I’m a little impartial. I’ll speak out against the ones who abuse their power but I’m not going to just hate on all of them because they are “the man”.

Probably too late to get out before their property is worthless.

With all due respect we don’t need them in TN. Those kind of people tend to forget where they came from and then try to turn their new state into the hell hole they just left. :roll_eyes:

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The typical home value of homes in Minneapolis is $329,003. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Minneapolis home values have gone up 9.2% over the past year.

Unfortunately seems incoming news headlines will be about the social worker who got pistol whipped at a disturbance call.

Well, by normal people of Minneapolis, I meant slightly right of center, freedom-loving types. :slightly_smiling_face: I live in Kentucky and I’ve worked with people from several deep-blue states who very much appreciated the freedom we have compared to their old homes.

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Only pistol-whipped if they’re lucky.

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