An impeachment question

Maybe some of you constitutional scholars can help out. If Nancy, Nadler and Shifty decide to do their impeachment dance again, how would that stop the Senate from confirming a S.C. justice? Do they think the Senate will freeze out of respect to Nancy until their latest impeachment scheme is over? As an old witch once said: “What difference does it make?”

Nancy Pelosi didn’t say impeachment.

George Stephanpolous did.


Thanks Captain obvious. Nancy didn’t rule it out. What do you think she will do? They have to do something. They are hopping mad.

I’ll bet she goes to the fridge for ice cream to settle those old nerves? :sunglasses:

It’s a head fake.

They are sinister, not stupid.

Senate rules are that impeachment matters take priority over everything else.

I doubt that an impeachment of the President will be thing… if anything they will goo after Bill Barr.

Speaking with ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi about suggestions some have made that if Democrats win this fall and Republicans move forward on a Supreme Court nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the House could move to impeach Trump or Barr in an effort to stall the nomination.

“Well, we have our options,” Pelosi said. "We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country.

Then why not say we won’t attempt anouther impeachment in resopose to a nomination?

So what’s the real game plan then? More riots?

I am thinking funding in some way.

Why should she? She’s not obligated to say anything.

She didn’t rule out an alien invasion either and that’s just as likely. I hear Martians are huge Biden supporters.


Game plan is to win majority in Senate and Presidency. Duh.

Then when Mitchie-poo pouts, Dems can say “Who cares what you have to say! Go work for Trump or peddle crappy Chinese-made jewelry for Ivanka.”

She should have. Duh.

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So? They confirm while The house is fiddle farting around with impeachment. If they decide to take a day to talk about it, that’s fine too. Talk about it for a day and vote to acquit. There is zero chance that impeachment stops a confirmation. Right?

So nothing to get worked up over then. Guess there was no point to this thread then. Good to know.

Right. It’s pretty much just for fun. Are you having fun? :grin:

They can.

I highly doubt that any impeachment would be a thing

But that is what would happen if articles were sent to the Senate.

If they’re going to do it, they had better hustle. Mitch ain’t gonna wait for them.

She didn’t say impeachment.

Why should I speculate about something she didn’t say?

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“What difference does it make at this point?” Yeah i remember that old witch well. :roll_eyes:

Good thing we kept her out of the WH.