An eery silence all of the sudden

For the Trump years, the democrats have shrieked about collusion and interference in our elections. Furthermore racism has been all the rage.

Now Obama inserts himself into the Canadian election and endorses a person that wore blackface, YIKES!

IS Obama now inciting racism?

Is he threatening democracy?

or is it all just politics?

Endorsing is not collusion or a threat to democracy.


A flaccid gotcha as you look the other way from Trump’s unbelievable current corruption scandal.


Oh please… What the Dems accused Putin of doing and what Obama is doing are not close at all. Regardless of your political beliefs.

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I, for one, would wish we could just sweep racism under the rug.
It never happens with me, so it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

How is Obama endirsing Trudeau interference and collusion in our election?

Or is this the classic “WE DO IT TO OTHER COUNTRIES” bs?

it is influencing.

it is influencing the Canadian election by a foreign power, isn’t it. The question is should a former US president be involved? if it is ok then why would we care if others did it to us. what is the difference?

These two things are not the same. Me endorsing Cheerios for breakfast is different than me slashing the tires of the Corn Flakes truck which is interfering.

It’s the double standard, libs and Dems do whatever they want while they hammer the opposition and/or those they disagree with, it’s disgusting and such a blatant display of "do as I say not as I do" tyranny.


I love how the OP conveniently forgets that Russian efforts were illegal.

Obama endorsing a candidate is not.

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What government does Obama currently have power over?

Is obama a private citizen?

Please explain how this is tyranny

None and prime minster isnt even an elected office so the endorsement is mute

Indeed…it’s desperation by trump “followers” to even think the two are the same.

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A public endorsement is not the same thing as privately stealing e-mails and providing them to one party, secretly channeling money to that party, and running covert social media operations on their behalf.

I cannot believe the distinction between private and public eludes you. You were not serious, right?

It’s only irredeemable if a conservative commits a PC/cultural appropriation/identity politics crime. Trudeau is an uber-liberal so regardless of how many blackfaces surfaces all can be repented and forgiven. Kinda like the blackface democrats in Virginia no one cares no more.

Prime Minsters are appointed not elected, so endorsement are pointless no one can vote for Justin Trudeau unless you live in his riding then your voting for him as MP

Trudeau is likely to lose the election and still become Prime Minster because the conservatives have no friends.

I think it’s telling that this administration kept going on and on about wanting to tackle corruption in Ukraine but the only person or entity they could specifically name just happened to be a political rival in the upcoming election.