An Analysis of the Biden Ads

Let’s take a look at his ads:

=He touts his Christianity:
“He’s On The Wrong Team”

" Joe Biden’s Latest Ad Is Ridiculous, But It May Be More Effective Than We Want to Admit"

=Fact checked
" Campaign gets ‘four Pinocchios’ over video ‘trickery’ "

=His latest touts high paying jobs, lower healthcare costs, & he will end a virus that cannot be ended.

Promises promises…Biden touted healthcare costing less before, remember it would cost $2500 a year less? It costed $2500 a MONTH!
The left always does this, and…it works! They make all kinds of promises but later when it’s not true we all have to live with the consequences.

He SAYS he won’t stop fracking & won’t say he WILL pack the Supreme Court.

He SAYS he will make healthcare less costly & won’t raise your taxes, just on the rich.

He SAYS a lot of things, but rarely like most politicians, especially long termer’s like him, ever keep their promises.

Trump on the other hand has either kept most promises or tried to.

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Evangelical support of Donald Trump will always baffle me.


I really don’t care, do U?
what “some” trumpservatives say about Biden’s faith. The ads will reach their targets.


It’s why you are on the left, you will never understand the right. We are on the right because we understand the left.


They will. I pointed out in the OP the effectiveness of his ads.

The left will always rely on the ignorance of their sheeple.

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The right’s support of Trump is pretty telling. Says a lot about who they are and what they represent.


‘A virus that cannot be ended’?

These ads are outreach to your sheeple.

That is correct. It may end, but it cannot be ended.


That’s not how multiple plagues have been dealt with. Most recently, and several times, ebola.

You also probably don’t have polio, because it was ended.

You guys aren’t just wrong; you’re wronger than wrong, and catastrophically so.

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You might even be fractally wrong:

Neither of which has anything to do with respiratory viruses.

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It’s possible, but I’m not.


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Christians aren’t foolish enough to think that Trump is sinless.

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St. Bill, patron saint of cigar makers, :heart: this post!

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Dude…that was like 20 years ago. Get in this decade at least. :laughing::joy::rofl:

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He and Harris will ban gas and oil, Fracking count on it. His ads will always claim the other way around.

won’t raise your taxes

Thats not true. Biden will raise the taxes like his other democrat buddies had being doing in other states.


Is there a time limit on Clinton being a sexual predator?


The topic of the thread was Biden’s ads which I compared to the Trump the other presidential nominee. Then, you deflected with Bill Clinton from 20 years ago. :roll_eyes: