An Analysis of the Biden Ads

How is this comparing Biden’s ads to Trump?

“Apparently, paying off porn stars is worthy of sainthood.”

Nice try though.

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There are 102 reported cases of polio in the world this year to date.

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Like I said, you will never understand. The left supporting Sniffy Joe & socialism is even more telling.

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Yup. Even the animals have it. Thousands of mink contracted it recently.

Baloney. Polio is coming across our borders with illegals. Also a host of other diseases.

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I haven’t seen any reports of it.

Maybe not now, its been a while since I lived on the border. Still, lots of diseases coming across our borders that was eliminated inside our borders at one time.

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Question for the board: Have we confronted and defeated pneumonia? Can we? Who does it target?

Not polio though. 1993 was the last case brought in and I don’t think it crossed the border.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are where it appears.

What kind of pneumonia?

Viral. As well as the others.

Don’t know where this one came from…

We’re good at treating bacterial.

Fungal depends on the immune system of the patient.

Viral has to run its course. It’s mostly a result.

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2020÷666 =3.0330

Text Joe Biden 30330

Good points. Because we have had the opportunity to study and evaluate the various forms of pneumonia. Covid is a recent affect. Should we be blaming politicians for covid? Should we be looking politically or globally?

Nope. Just like there is no time limit for Trump paying more for having sex with a porn star then what he paid that year for his taxes.

Thanks for answering for DisturbedGuy. I was directly asking him a question based on his comment.

Well he pays his bills. Can’t blame him for that.
And if Floyd dude can be made into a saint I have no problem Trump being made into one.

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One add of his reached me alright.
Biden reads his add and says at the end:
" I am Joe Biden and I approve this message".
Talk about stupid…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …

…and proud of it.
I wouldn’t have someone like Trump for a best friend but I look at the big picture.
As a President of these beautiful 50 states and most powerful man in the World his actions are 100 % positive in my book. Most important is the fact he KEPT his promises he ran on.
THAT’s a rare quality worth gold. THAT is what will reelect him in 3 weeks.

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