An Act Against God(AAAG)

  1. Do you believe in God?

  2. If you answered yes to question one, then do you believe that God created
    all Humans?

  3. God gave the “RIGHT” to a woman, to be able to reproduce children. And when
    I say “right”, I mean it as a privilege, and to be able to do so, is a God given right only.
    That is something that takes a lot of courage and power for a woman to be able to do.
    It takes a lot of guts to bear a child!

The major argument is that a woman’s body is her body, and she should be able to do with it as she deems fit, Correct?

The only problem with that is that any body that believes in Jesus Christ should already easily know, that a woman’s body is not her body, but is the “Temple of Christ”. Therefore, things that would delude the body, or play God in any way, would be “An Act Against God(AAAG)”. Such things would include Tattoos, and Abortions.

“Honor God with your Body.” Do you think that it’s very honorable to God to get Tattoos, or to have an Abortion?

1 Corinthians 6:19
“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own”

How many women that have had Abortions, do you think would ever do it again?

An Act Against God(AAAG) Part 2

So if you’re a Political Party that is trying to take God and religion out of the equation, and trying to destroy the morality of a Country, it would make things a lot easier to make
America more like Venezuela over time, and speed the process up, or destroying
our great Nation.

Venezuela- a 3rd World Socialist Country.

To try and destroy Religion in America, would to be destroying the fundamental
values in which America was helped founded upon within itself. Help to destroy
our “HISTORY”.

Most Peoples Morality, comes from their Religious or Spiritual beliefs. No matter what, or who you believe in, spiritually, or Religion wise.

America’s Morality, and belief in God, has helped us achieve such great things within America Equality wise! And even though it’s taken a long way to get hear, and we still have a long ways to go, I personally don’t believe that such great things like African Americans being freed(by a Republican Abe Lincoln), African Americans being able to vote, Women being able to vote, and Women’s rights, wouldn’t have come as far
if it weren’t for our History of Religion within America.

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That is between that person and their God.

It is neither mine nor anyone else’s business.

Also, we like to believe in our history as a moral nation.

We are a nation with a history just as scarred with horrors as any other.


If it’s neither mine nor anyone else’s business, then why make Abortion legal in the first place? Why is it either of our businesses?

Having a baby should be between that woman and God.

No nation is perfect, and ours is far from it. But with Morality,
we can move forward, onwards, and upwards! to bigger and
better things!

You have it backwards.

A woman getting an abortion is between her and her God.

There is no reason it should be illegal outside of the compromise set by Roe v Wade.


This is exactly why belief in a mythical Giant Invisible Man In The Sky is so dangerous.


God doesn’t make our laws.

We the People do.

So, to you, being anti-choice/anti-women’s right to decide about her own body is a religion thing?

That’s Sharia…plain and simple.

Let’s use your logic some more.

If it’s neither nine nor anyone else’s business, then why make gun ownership legal in the first place? Why is it any of our businesses?

I’m sure the NRA loves your logic.

So no tattoos? Same with piercings? It seems to wreck the sanctity of the body. What about foreskins?

And things that delude my body would seem to eliminate alcohol and drugs of any sort. Perhaps caffeine too?

Sounds pretty strict using Cratic’s logic.

I really wish so-called evangelicals felt this way about adultery, fornication, lying, stealing, cheating, and mass shootings as they do for abortion and homosexuality. Abortion is easy to be against same as homosexuality and it does not make you any more Christian. How bout tackling something much more difficult like the list in the first sentence, starting with the president and work your way down.

What church you belong to again Carpe…was it Ephesus, maybe Smyrna or Pergamum, could it be Thyatira, possibly Sardis, Philadelphia or is it Laodicea?

I know, right?

If you read in my OP, God and morality go hand in hand.

Laws and morality go hand in hand also. Because if there was no morality in Law,
then there would be no point in having any Laws.

Any woman that has ever had an Abortion and played God, and desecrated God’s gift to her, and God’s body, will have to answer to the all mighty. Not me.

I’m simply “THE MESSENGER”.

Weather or not people listen, is entirely up to them. We all have a choice to commit acts of sins or not. Overcoming Evil and Loving God, or giving into evil, is a
choice that each individual in this lifetime has to make.

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I’m far from perfect. But I do try to practice what I preach.

I’ve never cheated, and take pride in that.
Everyone lies, because a manipulation of the truth is a lie within itself.
It simply comes down to what a persons intentions are behind those lies.

I’ve stolen, and cheated, under the age of 18, and have tried to right those wrongs. Since then I have lived and learned, and it’s been many of years since I’ve done such things.

Getting rid of guns is not the problem with things like mass shootings, because
if someone wishes to hurt someone else in life physically, people tend to always find other ways. If it wasn’t funs, it would be knives, or poison or something else.

Homosexuality, is not only a sin in the Bible, but scientifically it doesn’t make any logical sense either naturally in life. I’ve already explained this on here on other posts, so I’m not going to go into depth about it in this thread.

Morality exists outside of a deity.

Some of the morality of the God of Abraham is horrific and cannot be defended in my opinion.

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A lovely lead in to excuse Christian Sharia Law.

The Golden Rule exists everywhere…even in our secular laws and our belief that “my right to swing my arm ends at someone else’s nose.” Don’t need a god or goddess for basic human decency.

Do we need laws for basic human decency?

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People have different definitions of “basic human decency.” Hence, we have laws.

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