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Maybe there is a survey out there I just haven’t seen, out of curiosity I’m wondering how many Americans actually think the bad actors involved in this mess starting with HC think any of them will be prosecuted for any of this?

Prosecuted for what? Please state exactly what.

Nobody gets prosecuted based on surveys of dummies.

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What’s your point?

You proved my point. Thanks.

Editor, of what? With a porn star name I’m guessing a skin magazine.

Is that the best you can do?

I’ll say collusion.

That’s only a crime if your a conservative, and have a all democratic special council.

Is this a Hollywood question?

Or is this alleged “mess” in regards some Right Wing related conspiracy nonsense?

I think the tipping point, where the bad actors will begin to be prosecuted is just starting, or at least very soon. Trump admin has to weed out some the roadblocks first. Strzok’s firing, I believe is pivotal here. Not just that he was fired, but the reason he was fired. This article encapsulates the reason very well.

Does this thread have a purpose, or can we just post recipes?


“Tipping point”

Too funny.


Wonder how many “tipping points” will come and go before some Right Wingers will have to once more admit that the ever elusive HC and her cadre of “bad actors” have once more slipped out of the snarling drooling jaws of justice?

/rhetorical question


Easy to do with the Strzok, Brennan, form of justice.

What is easy to do?

slipped out of the snarling drooling jaws of justice?

Neither if those characters comprise the snarling drooling jaws of justice.

It was a rhetorical question anyway.

Not anymore, thank God.

I have a great one to smoke cheese.
I was asking if Hillary and company would ever be prosecuted? And some how we ended up here.

Why isn’t everyone that makes me scream at the TV in jail?