Americans Voice

None. There will never be any trial.

Who do you think Comey, Strozh, McCabe and company is going to call as their witness?

That’s right follow agents. And then their dirty laundry really gets aired and CoJ and FBI can’t allow that.

Libs are laughing now.

Just wait.

When Mueller’s investigation is done all the usual suspects will be spending a long time in jail.

Maybe the Holy Cross, maybe not. The investigation will determine that.

Does it really matter? The country’s so divided it may never recover. I say we closeup shop, open the borders, get rid of law enforcement, first responders, as well as all political party’s then in the words of Ted Nugent have a “Free For All”.
It’s hard to come to grips with the fact I spent twenty two years defending the Constitution and the rights of all Americans freedom only to have some give away those rights and freedoms and not caring about the blood spilt protecting all of us.

I’m in California, so if this happens I’m going be ok.

Why dont you call Moron Mueller and have him investigate it? It might take years before you ever get a answer.

I wouldn’t bet on it.

Bad day for the Trump supporters today.

We got two answers today. The process didn’t take too long.

You’re going to have months of pouting ahead of you.