American workers worse off in the first 18 months under Trump

…than in Obama’s last 18 months, when using the correct metrics and taking into account inflation.

As the article states, any serious analysis of how much better off the typical worker is uses median, not average, earnings, and takes inflation into account.

Inflation-adjusted earnings were rising the last 18 months of the Obama administration for the typical worker.

They’re falling for the typical worker the first 18 months under Trump.

I’m sure now are doming personal anecdotes (But I’M doing better) and blanket dismissals (liberal talking points).

But this is how it’s been…and this is, again, EXACTLY what we said would happen.

The response you’ll get here:

-liberal talking points;
-trump hater;
-frothing at the mouth;
-not a trustworthy source;
-fake news…

In the end, however, reasonable people who have any modicum of critical thinking skills will trust fact… vulnerable, manipulated fools will believe Trump. It’s really that simple.

That’s true for this matter and for pretty much any other issue Trump lies about.

And the debt is soaring… “Trump is cool”

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What held inflation at a stubbornly low rate under the previous administration and what is driving inflation under this administration?

Please compare and contrast fiscal and monetary policies between the two administrations.

As I’ve stated repeatedly. Data can be interpreted any number of ways to tell whatever story one wishes to tell.

The underlying data is factual. How that data is massaged and presented depends on what story one is trying to tell.

Not surprisingly, the Trump admin will take that data and massage it to paint a rosy picture. It also should come as no surprise that DEMs will take that same data and massage it to paint a very bleak picture. “The rich continue to get richer”……………… yada; yada; yada.

In regards to critical thinking skills, DEMs continue to believe that their spin on everything is factual and that anyone who doesn’t agree lacks those critical thinking skills.

I see it a little differently. Those who continue to believe DEMs alone have the facts are nothing more than Kool-Aid drinkers - blindly regurgitating LW talking points.

Who do you believe? Alone? Mostly?

Address the OP, and make actual points; no one cares about your nonsensical hand waving that the data is just presented the wrong way… you are just another version of a “fake news” parrot.


Inflation adjusted earnings (real wages) fall during periods of inflation. Inflation happens when economic output is high and unemployment is low.

So it’s your position that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is in the tank for Dems? Because they’re the ones who offer the research. The Post reported their numbers.

So please. Provide us all with your proof that the BLS is in cahoots with libs. And try to do so without your typical mouth frothy defense of all things Trump.

Look, there is no way any data that paints Trump in a less than stellar light can be accurate, ok? It must be fake news - because…Trump!!!

Not what he said

But in past periods those same factors should create a bidding up for wages to offset erosions due to inflation so real wages can actually continue to rise because of this.

That’s not happening here even though we supposedly have more job opening than unemployed.

So your argument is that real wages always suffer during “economic booms”… that this is normal? Did you really write that?

I didn’t make an argument. Are you looking for an argument?

When inflation goes up, real wages go down. Real Wages are a measure of what the money you make will buy. If the money is less valuable due to inflation your buying power (real wage) went down.

Yep. When the economy is booming, unemployment goes down, inflation goes up, and real wages (purchasing power) drop.

Looks like I did. Did you read it correctly? It would appear you did not.

what a convoluted mess of an article…LOL

Only if your wages are rising at a rate slower than the rate of inflation, which shouldn’t be happening at the “beginning” of a boom.



I asked a question. Let him answer it.

Why not?

The BLS provides the numbers. Everyone is free to do what they want with the numbers, which is exactly what DEMs did.