American Left Coming For The Media

An article on Breitbart this morning opened my eyes to the new reality coming to right wing journalists in these United States. Our handful are in real danger.

Tucker Carlson Antifa Riot Hints Cuba’s Campaign to Export Mob Attacks Is Succeeding

Cuba: Ladies in White Return to Protest Following Castro’s Death, 10 Arrested

Mario Vallejo
10 Nov 2018 Breitbart

The mob attack on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home this week by radical Marxists – leaving his home with a broken door and vandalized with leftist slogans – has triggered widespread shock on the part of most decent Americans. For those aware of the way “Antifa” elements operate internationally, however, the incident was nothing new.

Pro-democracy and right-leaning political activists, journalists, and artists 90 miles from our shores, fighting for their rights in communist Cuba, have faced similar mob attacks on their homes for years. Unlike the Carlson incident, in Cuba, the government actively organizes the mobs. The riots are so common they have a name: actos de repudio , or “acts of repudiation.”

The recent attacks on our paltry few right leaning journalists is only the first fledgling attempts to suppress and to eliminate the voice on the right. So far the mobs have gone unchallenged and unpunished and this is a huge mistake with dire consequences.

Were I a radical leader it would occur to me that there are relatively few targets of consequence and easily intimidated or eliminated…as 99% of newsers are fake media and friends of radicals… Is not so?

Take Mexico. The media there is controlled by the drug cartels. The few who have challenged those criminals wound up chopped to pieces and burned…or chopped to pieces and put into garbage bags and dumped in public places.

To American radicals the handful of real journalists still left is a tempting and easy target. Those who can’t be suppressed are easily dealt with.

Thus, Tucker’s travail is only a dry run by valiant night riding alinskite heroes blazing a path. Were I a modern American radical, that’s the way I’d look at it.

The mobs must be put down. And hard. Or we’ll go the way of the southern latitudes. ALL the way.

Full Breitbart story follows:

It’s only ok if its white nationalists running people over with cars

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Or Montana politicians assaulting reporters.

So Conservative violence against reporters = good.

Far left violence against reporters = end of democracy.


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I love how those in the left insight violence and them want to point to the right. There is no excuse for this behavior, it will only lead to more violence, or maybe that what they want. I can promise you this, if it continues, it wil spill into the streets.


Your promises have always meant so much to me.

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Hypocrisy thy name is Trumpster.

Gleefully call out the speck in others’ eyes, while ignoring the plank in theirs.

The American People deserve a media that is unbiased and presents facts to the people, not there options. There animus towards the President has drastically effected there ability to inform the American citizens.
Look at the Russian collusion investigation. After a year in a half there is zero evidence of any Trump associate colluding with Russians. In fact the only Russian contacts made by the were setup by western intelligence. Halper, Mifsud, and Steele were all on FBI/CIA payrolls. Look at the number of FBI/DOJ employees that have been fired or left before they were fired in regard to the “counter intelligence” operation. That is unprecedented in this country and should be a concern every American and the media. They haven’t even addressed the whole FISA process that clearly broke the law regarding the fourth amendment. Do you hear anything from the mainstream media regarding this? Very little.
The same very little you heard when Obama’s administration sold 20% of uranium to Russia. What would they do if Trump did the same thing?That’s the bias and animus that doesn’t serve the American People, it serves their political agenda. They need to present all the facts and allow the American people to make educated informed decisions. That’s not what’s happening with today news organizations. They are dividing Americans, perhaps by design.


Tucker Carlson…MEDIA…Breitbart…


The problem is that you’re fully consuming right wing media and spouting points that are without basis. You just want a media who parrots your worldview.

This did not happen. Tucker Carlson lied to you.

What did not happen? Be specific and I will prove to you it did happen.

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There is no such thing as unbiased media. You’re pining for a unicorn.

Donald has exploited and exacerbated the division in this nation. He’s adding to his wealth exponentially as he does so, and when his presidency is over he’ll sleep like a baby without another thought of concern to the Trumpists that worship him without question.

You want to criticize the dividers? Start at the top.

Regarding the crossfire hurricane counter intelligence operation the bulk of my information comes directly from Judge Rosemary Collyer’s
(Chief FISC Judge) two FISA options she has written. They go into great detail if how the FISA court was misled and the improper actions of the FBI/DOJ in that process. Also how Admiral Rodgers notified the DOJ and FiSC court to the noncompliance of the 4th amendment. After that briefing, John Carlin of the DOJ filed a fall 2016 FISA certification to the FISA court knowing it was false, and then submitted his resignation the next day. These action are unacceptable and need to be investigated.

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Nobody has divided this country more than the mainstream media!


What the heck? Where did you get all that?

Read the FISA options from the judge, you
might learn something.


Yeah, what Wethepeople said.

Are you two posting from the same IP?

I found another conservative. I am happy.

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