American Left Coming For The Media

Another issue the judge scolded the FBI/DOJ on was them allowing third party contractors unfettered access to FISA 702 intelligence. It included the most intrusive “about” queries which give them all communications phone,text, and emails to and from a person and their contacts.
While those names are redacted, it is widely believed to be Fusion GPS and CrowdStrike. I agree with their assessment on those two.
She immediately shut that down. According to the NSA, 85% of those queries were unauthorized. That’s very troubling to me and should be to all Americans.

It’s troubling to me, and I don’t understand a word of what you just said.

How about a link fer Popcorn there perfessor. :grinning:

I wonder if the Democratic voters care that ANTIFA is funded by corrupt Liberals like George Soros?

As a Democrat it came as a total and disappointing shock to me when I discovered that George Soros is completely and 100% funded by, get this, none other than George Soros!

My God the horror!!!