American gold medalist kneels during national anthem

You’re talking to one who see’s simple minded people disrespecting dead Patriots the real warriors.

He has every right to humiliate him self by disrespecting dead Patriots the real warriors.

Hey, good for him. Last I checked, peaceful protest was still within our First Amendment rights.

I’m sure many calling these athletes ungrateful spoiled brats & America haters would salute this lady for refusing to respect the Soviet anthem during the 1968 games:

Yeah, slightly different considering the USSR was an occupying force in her native country, but the peaceful protest is the same action. Nobody should be deprived of that right, whether at home or representing a team on a field.

He’s not disrespecting them, he’s protesting what the country has become. You know the whole MAGA thing? Im sure you’ve heard about it…He just see’s it as being greater in a different direction than the crew we have in there now…

Give the guy a break. It was his freedom of speech. Unlike the radical leftist kooks, as long as he doen’t hurt anyone, I don’t give a ■■■■■

In saying that I do not agree with kneeling. Law enforcement and the American flag deserves better. Remember when that dip, obamnation, stood around like a dork? And his buddy, Bill Ayers. stomped on a flag?

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He is disrespecting those American Patriots that sacrificed there lives for him.

His business, not mine

I would not invite him to any military funerals. I said I did not agree with him. And yes I served.

it is his business if he want’s to humiliate him self.

I’m prior military and I don’t care of this guy or anyone kneels… Amazing the people the most butt hurt over this is those who never served


All he is asking for is for America to be great again. Im told that’s what patriots do


True. And it’s your business if you want to misuse apostrophes :wink:

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, Amen,

I’m prior military too…doesn’t bother me.


I’m more worried about my crappy VA care than some person kneeling

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I’d cut him some slack on the grammar rules. English may not be his native language


At least I have respect for our fallen Patriots!

I dealt with them once…Had to get deviated nasal septum fixed. (Result of Vodka bad assery muscles, but I did my best…lol) Anyway, saw docat VA a few times, when they saw me at my last appt to set up surgery Doc says another guy will be doing it. He was PCS’ing…I never went back, got it fixed through my insurance at my new job. That was back in 86’

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As do I…Kneeling as no connection to disrespecting the fallen.

Trump botches and complains about America, his own DOJ, the CIA, the FBI, the half of america who are democrats, congress people of color, etc…all american things.

His supporters cheer wildly and claim he is trying to MAGA.

Someone kneels during the anthem, and the same people freak out.

There is a word for that.