American gold medalist kneels during national anthem

During the National Anthem it does!

The real warriors are the Patriots he is disrespecting.


Hell, I wouldn’t invite our Draft Dodger in Chief to military funerals.

His complaints are legit especially when we have all those investigations going on right now like Epstien and his Pedo friends under investigation, Durham, :black_medium_square::black_medium_square::black_medium_square::black_medium_square: it goes on and on.

But you would go see Bruce Springsteen.

It’s fencing and that stupid man did nothing to enhance more interest in the USA for that sport. Leave it hateful ungrateful liberals to know how to make friends and influence people! :roll_eyes:

The plethora of spelling, grammar and usage errors in just the first 30 posts (not just the one you cited) is disappointing. Far too many people among the internet culture have no pride in what they put their (anonymous) names on, it seems.

But that’s a rat hole for another thread.

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Trump is probably confused about how a fence could kneel.

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Do you mean ho should go back to the USA?

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I agree…I’m prob worst offender…Just don’t feel like correcting all the time, people can tell what I mean…lol. Not like its a business letter, resume, job app etc…

Actually kneeling is a sign of respect and reverence. I presume you mustn’t be Catholic.

In America we hug flags out of respect and reverence.

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I can’t wait for a thousand word analysis from you of Donald Trump’s treatment of John McCain.

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Thats different…

McCain was part of the Deepstate efforts to over throw a dully elected President.

I agree except to me it isn’t about pride, just basic language rules - if you’re going to speak a language may as well do so properly.

Apostrophe thing is my one pet peeve. I had one coworker who basically felt like she had to put an apostrophe on everything that ends with S - so you’d see stuff like “customer’s, seem’s, time’s” :man_facepalming:

Well I can agree that D Trump is dull. So you are particularly selective in which vets are to be respected.

Is your antipathy to this athlete because French is prevalent in the sport of fencing?


I don’t care what sports event he’s at, all I see is a man humiliating himself by disrespecting Americas Patriots.

And who are you that you get to say what is and is not respect?

■■■■ that lowlife, and his nfl idols.