American gold medalist kneels during national anthem

I wonder if the right wing party will go full bat poop crazy over this. I wonder it Trump will call him a son of a bitch…

Those “people” don’t represent America. America is proud of America. That “gold medalist” should go back to where they came from.

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Good for him. 1st Amendment.


He certainly won’t be getting an invite for McDonalds at the White House.

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Gun control?

Didn’t see that coming.

Probably just poorly worded.

No fast food at the WH for you, commie.

Why do we have three guys and everyone else has four?

And … fencing?

Okay, I guess…

I know it’s his right to crap on the graves of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and it also makes him look like one hell of an American hater too.

Lololol wowzers

Why is disrespecting the American flag funny or even acceptable to you?

Tomorrow, you will have totally forgotten about this outrageous event.

No one is disrespecting the flag… Your hyperbole is hilarious

Kneeling during the National Anthem is disrespecting the flag by the way but that’s ok, if a man want’s to humiliate himself that’s ok it’s also his right.

Who told you it was disrespectful?

The flag represent America and those who died so we could be free, no one had to to tell me because it’s all about respect!

Have you asked any veterans how they felt about this?

Yep. No government entity has the right to tell him he can’t.

They made the ultimate sacrifice so he has the right to do that…

Oh Gee.
What a coincidence.
I said to my wife just a few weeks ago 'I wonder that the famous fencer Race Imboden thinks about things?'
She was wondering the same thing.

If he ever needs the work, I have some fence he can build in my hog pen.

So he should be treated different because he isn’t well known?