America, Teorrorists, Trump


Do you think that America has become safer against terrorists ever since
Trump has become President?


What do you think of our standing in the world is since Trump has become POTUS? Are we more loved or hated?


I do not think we’ve commanded any respect from friend or foe in the past 1 1/2 years.


I think that America is safer overall. But that’s just me. “to each is their own.”
I think that Obama apologized to much, and nobody feared America any more because Obama only weakened our military, and cut so much funding for it. If other nations fear America military wise like they do with Trump in there, they’re a lot less likely to ever attack us. Trump doesn’t want war I don’t think, he simply isn’t going to be afraid, or a coward like Obama was in there. Obama did some good things in office, but just for me personally, I think that the safety of America was not at the top of his list for things important wise.


Obama ordered massive drone strikes against various terrorist groups, killing scores. If anyone wasn’t scared of the USA, they were wrong not to be.


I don’t think that most people that are terrorists, are going to be afraid of someone that can’t even say the words radical Islamic terrorists, simply because the Democrats are afraid of offending someone. Also I don’t think that terrorists are going to be afraid of a country or a president that allows open borders, but hey, that’s just me! Maybe I could be wrong? I personally would think that it would be a lot harder to bomb any country that doesn’t allow open borders, and for some odd reason, the Democrats seem to want open borders? I dunno why? Maybe so more terrorists can bomb and kill Americans, and then turn around and vote for them? Thank you Democrats for allowing us to kill your evil Americans! That was me making fun of both Democrats and the radical terrorists.


So if the Democrats didn’t allow people to come and go as they please, then it’s probably a good possibility that 9-11 wouldn’t have happened.


Please tell me you’re joking.

We’ve already had Falwell and Robertson blame it on gays and feminists, now you attribute 9/11 to Democrats?


I served under Clinton, Bush and Obama. At least since the war started, there was no difference between how we went after terrorists between Obama and Bush. As for the rest like the open border mess, turn off Fox News.


Have you noticed that every time trump takes his playpen on the road, pence and pompeo or Tillerson have to go out on their own apology tour.

Yea, we really slashed defense spending to the bone. Not.


The CEC is strong here.


What is Fox News? Bush act like a Republican, but was simply what a Democrat was 15 years ago. Thee Bush’s are part of thee swamp, and thee Republican Establishment. They abuse thee Mexican labor force that comes here, and grant amnesty to millions of illegals, even after running on what they said that they were against illegal immigration. They’re simply another fake Republican traitor like Pauly Ryan is, or Rand Paul. Hurry up! Somebody get me Mitchy Mcconal, so he can act like a Republican also. lol. Most Republicans are simply sell outs to thee Democratic Party and can be bought for a price. People like Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Dr. Gorka, or Dan Bongino can’t. Because they’re true Conservatives, and actually have guts to stand up for what they believe in, and have morality, and stick by it!


I remember thee.


I mean Obama did take us from was it 11 trillion to 19 trillion in debt? You do realize that 1 trillion is a lot more than a billion, and even extremely more than 1 million correct? They are one more step up. Yep, you’re exactly right, Obama and the Democrats did great for America, for funding. lol.


So, real or a parody?


Truly hoping for the latter. I want to believe Falwell cornered the market on stupid when it comes to 9/11 blaming.


Ofcourse you do! Everyone remembers thee person that continuously said thee.
Because I kept taking on Democrat after Democrat and destroying you continuously and pissing all of you off just like Trump does, because you have your heads up your a**es, and I tell it like it is.


There was a poster who had a short but meteoric poster on the other forum who was very prolific before being banned. He had a habit of using the word “thee”. He slipped into doing it in another of his posts here. Can’t remember the name.


Well Democrats always talk about how Trump supposedly inherited such a great economy, so wouldn’t that work both ways? If Trump inherited such a great economy through Democrats eyes, then wouldn’t George Bush jr. inherit 9-11? Cat got your tounge wolfy? It’s ok Wolfy, years ago we tangled and I got thee best of you then. So why stop now? Of course I don’t mean to hurt your feelings anything, but if you wish to have a hug, and talk about your feelings I’m not the guy to do it with. I’m not gay, but more power to ya if you’re because you’re a Democrat.


Thee did that in thee’s fever dreams.